A pretty picture of some of my mods

I’m testing the “onebox” - below here I just paste a link to an image on imgur:

Nice, eh? :smiley:

From the left: Sigelei 150W/Tobh, Cloupor DNA30/Nautilus, Cloupor Mini/Subtank, iStick/Nautilus and SMPL v2/Tobh

I bet you thought I was going to post a picture of the moderators, right? :laughing:


Nice! Whenever I’m allowed I’ll share mine too.

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Yeah sorry about that - there are some defaults in the forum software that limits new users abilites - They’re supposedly fairly quickly done with though :smile:

Oh to double check: Could you not post a topic, or is it limiting upload? The post above was an image I uploaded on imgur.com and just pasted the link on one line :smile:

It would not allow me to post a photo. Looks like I can now though :wink


Nice! Ah yes you uploaded to the server instead of to imgur - your upload looks better (with the popup overlay thing)!

Nice gear! What is that translucent top on the Plume Veil? That looks cool! And that is a massive chuff-top on the freakshow!:smiley:

Thanks. Chuff cap on the Plume Veil is something I picked up from a local B&M here in Columbia, SC. Same with the one for the Freakshow. Yeah it looks cool on the PV but honestly it’s a bit janky. I droped it from my desk today and it snapped some of the fins off. Not happy, but it still serves it’s purpose in keeping my lips from getting fried…that Plume Veil can get very hot!

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Big Dripper/Poldiac hiding behind cups and bottles at work evading all the haters.


I ordered the iStick 50w as a preorder. At the time they were showing about 6 colors…I chose Red. As it turns out they didn’t make red…just this fuscia…pink…whatever color. Dang…on to the Jwrap!!! As for the topper, I got this Joytech Delta II a day before. For all you Atlantis fans…this really puts the Atlantis to shame as far as flavor is concerned. I haven’t gotten the rebuild deck yet but plan to soon. As for now…I’m a little disappointed with the tank size. For some reason this tank doesn’t seem to do squat till you’re at about 45 watts. So you’re going through a lot of juice and with only 3.5ml tank size, it’s no better than the Atlantis for frequency of fills…maybe even worse. But it’s all flavor. Anyway…the iStick 50w is pretty darn good in terms of battery life. I’ll be satisfied once I wrap up that godawful color :smile:


Real men vape pink!


@Aux would agree ;D

I approve pink gear!

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You folks are too kind. Sill…got the quartz marble jwrap coming! :grinning:

Pipe smoking baby approves pink gear.


My seigeli 150w with my crappy igow4. Love my 150w though!


Quick hand check before I start programming lighting cues for La Traviata. Full tank of Bobas Bounty and a hot battery! Now for 5 hours of “park and bark”…it’s what we call it when an opera singer comes on stage, stands in one place and sings for 10 minutes at a time without moving.



I literally am building on my new silverplay just walked in w it!!! Can’t f$&%n wait!!!

Wow, nice setup, kind of jealous haha

I made the mod stand myself


Btw the silverplay is nice!!! A bit of an issue filling as far as when full and empty but it’s real nice!!!