A quest for nuts

Hey guys i am looking for a walnut flavour don’t want a creamy buttery smooth walnut more looking for a little bitter and dry one any suggestions?


If you haven’t tried this yet I very much implore you do to so this very minute! No walnuts but its BLOODY GOOD.

@Alisa 's Bust-A-Nut


Yeah that one looks good man but im looking for a flavor its part of the cake :wink:

I’d say Flavour Art, but that’s not really bitter - More of the sweet part…

@Ohm_IGod …look no further…Inawera Walnut is the one. But, ya gotta be ready for a 3 or 4 week steep. I used it at 2% and it was just enough for the mix. The V2 of that mix will have 3% or 3.5% INW Walnut included…good, true Walnut flavor.

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thx man i will be looking out for it right now my place doesn’t have it :frowning: only option is flavour art but i read it was sweet as daath said and i read that on my place too. thanks alot.

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It does have that super bitter quality before the steep; afterwards it’s all flavor with just a touch of bitter. Great in tobacco mixes!

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mmm interesting i got the recipe i want to use it in on my topic fall and holiday recipe i will post a bunch hehe.

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If you can get ahold of lorann and don’t mind coloring in your vape, they have a black walnut flavor that sounds like it’d work for what you’re wanting.