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A question about vg pg ratio


So I mix 70 VG 30 VG. What does it do to the mix when one is higher or lower?


There is a search feature on this site.


Thanks for the quick reply


Your welcome, I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just the people that have been here for a bit get frustrated answering the same questions over and over. So trust me when I tell you to read and search.


@RexRabbit, @Cutlass92 already pointed you in the right direction, and I was looking at your post, did you mean 70VG 30PG ??


The quick answer is either more vapor or more flavor. But like they said, please do look it up.


I’m sure reading the search results will provide a answer to your question, but in case you have trouble finding what you’re looking for here’s the skinny.

High VG offers a smoother vape with thicker clouds. It can also cure leaking issues in some tanks.
The downside is it wicks slower than PG and could result in dry hits. It’s also harder for flavors to bind with VG do to it’s thick viscosity resulting in longer steep times.

High PG is much thinner and is a better flavor carrier than VG and it thins out mixes to help with wicking. Higher PG mixes can cure some dry hit issues.
The downside of high PG is it has a harsher throat hit and has less vapor production than VG. It’s also a allergen to some vapers and can cause leaks in some tank.

I’m sure my statements can be amended, but these are comments I’ve read and experienced most.


Thanks sorry for the dumb question still reading lots to learn its all good.


Yep that’s a typo


Don’t be sorry, I’ve seen and had plenty dumb questions, this doesn’t even come close. Enjoy


Nicely said and welcome back (kinda) @Pro_Vapes.


Very useful to search configuration of your link @ Cutlass92. It should be a fixed initial post for the beginner!
I put it in my favorites.

Sometimes the simple and obvious helps more to those who are starting.


I’m glad it helped!


Yeah, I’ve noticed a few appearances also but didn’t want to say anything.
Can’t give any impression of us missing him around here! :wink:


Hehe @TorturedZen, I finally broke down, I miss my brother.


I had last week off work with not much to do, so I dropped in for the holidays… It’s nice seeing you guys… and the rest of ELR.


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