A summary of what's going down

If you want to know why there is a war on vaping that is scaring people back to smoking, this is it. It’s a long read but so worth it. PLEASE SHARE.

Both the US and Canadian Governments won huge lawsuits against big tobacco in the 90s.

The payments were to be made every year, based on a percentage of tobacco sold.
In the US, it’s called the Master Settlement Agreement, or MSA. Google it.

The Govs, figuring tobacco sales were a safe bet, borrowed money based on how much they thought they would collect from tobacco over the next 30 years.

The borrowed Craploads of money. Billions.
Enough that defaulting would be catastrophic…

Fast forward 15 years…

Vaping starts cutting into tobacco profits, which reduces what big tobacco pays the government, which means the government can’t pay back the loans it intended to repay using tobacco money.

Since the Gov needs money because the economy is the number one issue come elections and they want to keep their jobs and power, money becomes more important than health, or honesty, or human lives.

So not only does vaping cut into their immediate tobacco profits, but it causes them to default on loans. That affects a State’s (Province’s) credit as well.

And anyone who threatens the Government’s money is going to get attacked.
Vaping is getting attacked. Not because of kids - that’s just the narrative they need the public to focus on so they don’t see how the Gov is trying to screw millions of adults.

Because vaping costs the Government billions.
Vaping costs the Gov more than they would save on healthcare because tobacco is such a staple of our economy.

Here’s where the recent news comes into the picture…

  1. A few weeks ago, some kids got some bad Cannabis cartridges that had used vitamin E acetate oil as a filler.

Because they used a device that vaporized the tainted Cannabis liquid and looks similar to a nicotine vape, those in the media with a bias towards E-Cigs (whether personal or corporately-dictated messaging) wrote their “report” using very specific language.

They intentionally omitted clarifications that would have separated the bad drugs in question from innocent E-Cigs.
In fact, they wrote in a way that intentionally made it look like E-Cigs were to blame or at least had contributed to the problem.

  1. That “report” was put on the news wire and because it’s an issue that generates a lot of clicks, just about every media source picked it up and ran it with NO fact-checking and no edits.
    All those outlets crafted their headlines to generate as many clicks as possible, which means they were provocative and misleading.
    And since most people don’t read beyond the headline, the headline became the story.

  2. Those with a financial interest in seeing vaping fail rushed to exploit and amplify the confusion.
    DESPITE all the evidence coming to light that this is STRICTLY an issue of bad Cannabis Cartridges and has NOTHING to do with E-Cigs.

The only connection is that the word “vaping” is being used interchangeably by the media and those with investments in the tobacco industry. Intentionally. They know the difference, but if they can confuse the general public with mixed messaging, they can damage vaping and make more money (see beginning of this explanation)

  1. ALL the evidence coming out vindicates E-Cigs and makes it clear that the culprit is identified as Vitamin E oil in Cannabis Cartridges.
    NOT E-Cigs.

  2. Despite all the evidence and logic, the confusion they exploited gave crooked politicians with interests in tobacco profits and taxes an opening to legislate against vaping using the cover of false morality, when it’s really a way for them to make money and repay campaign contributors.
    They continue to blame Vaping, despite EVERY case being directly attributed to Vitamin E acetate in Cannabis Cartridges. Vaping has been totally exonerated at this point, but that narrative doesn’t fit the agendas of those in power.

(Trump has made over $2 million from his tobacco stocks and has received millions for his campaign and inauguration from big tobacco. Google it)

  1. Crooked politicians and manipulated media are playing off each other to exaggerate the severity and scope of a regional issue.

National crackdowns on an industry that had nothing to do with the separate, regional issue are announced.
Stocks in the tobacco industry that’s been losing to vaping start climbing.

Most likely result:

People who are vulnerable to ceaseless media onslaught get swayed into a negative perception of vaping and in worst cases, either keep smoking themselves or encourage others to avoid a product that could greatly benefit them.

Legislation (if passed and can survive lawsuits, constitutional challenges, etc) keeps people using a deadly product, kills a consumer-driven industry, and puts the status quo back where it was before vaping started taking money from big tobacco and the people in power who profit from it.

All you have to do is think logically for one second.

If vaping was to blame, there would have been similar reports from somewhere else in the world, sometime in the last decade.
We all use the SAME products, so why isn’t everyone affected?

All the victims are from one region and have all used Cannabis vapes.

The people in charge make BILLIONS from industries that vaping is damaging and they OWE BILLIONS.

To associate vaping in any way when you have such clearly definitive evidence as to the actual problem is so crazy that it can’t be accidental.


-David ‘Gaslight’ Billey