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I want to share a very convenient service – it stores files online. I use this service for couple of years now and very pleased with it - Dropbox.

Dropbox - a free online file storage with the ability to synchronize. Simply put a file on the Internet. But other than that, all the files can also be stored on your computer. Or even on multiple computers.

I like it that you can get some free gigs of space and store anything - photos, documents, videos …
I travel a lot and anywhere can have access to my files anywhere. They have a handy app for the cell phones and computers. I think that they are great! If you’re interested, here is the link to the Dropbox:



Been using it for a few years very convenient


I like this service very much:)

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Full disclosure: Anyone signing up through that link gets WhiteRaven extra space :slight_smile: Nothing wrong with that, just thought you should know!


Thank you so much! I used to have Dropbox on my old computer just for music and stuff. I absolutely need some kind of online storage though; it’s been on my mind lately. Trying to Email zip files to myself is getting really old, lol.


Yea ever since windows 8 Maybe 10, we have been enjoying the use of dropbox and OneDrive, no more ftp server just to gain access to specific files. Love it

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WhiteRaven works online @daath and really needs extra space. He’s moving from place to place, from country to country and he would be very greatful to get that extra space by sharing this cool sevice with others :slight_smile: :wink: