A way to fix juice that makes you cough?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has experienced this…I have a pineapple juice that isn’t necessarily strong or anything and doesn’t even have that much TH, but for some reason I cough after every puff. My sister has some cream soda that does the same to her, so she gave it to me. I can vape it okay, but I’m not really crazy about the flavor. I thought if I could find a way to fix the coughing, maybe I could doctor it up and give it back to her. It’s about 3 oz of juice, and I’d hate to waste it.

Any suggestions? Would something like MTS Vape Wizard or DW fix it? TIA guys! :smile:


Do you have smooth ? Try a small drop off a syringe like 1 drop off of it. I literally use the bottle dropper only in 10ml batches and 1 drop does it. But the syringe will be a smaller drop factor.


What device are you using and what are the ratios of the mix? This happens with my wife when the battery in her mech mod is almost dead, thus she knows it’s time for a new battery. Happens just about every time with her.


I get that ocasionally myself with some flavors. Would be worth trying a drop or 2 of smooth in 10 or 15 ml of it to see if it helps.

I don’t have smooth, but I have FA’s MTS Vape Wizard. From what I hear, Smooth is just reverse engineered VW. I may split these two bottles up into 10 ml bottles and play…see what I can come up with.

@Jimk I think she uses an iClear 30s and an Ego twist. Back when I had the issues with the pineapple, I’m pretty sure I was using a regular ego and a clearomizer or possibly even cartomizers. I’ve still got the juice, but no telling how old it is. I probably should have tossed it a long time ago. LoL.

I don’t know exactly from where the problem might stem. However, there’s something about that juice your lungs don’t like. You might review the recipe and see if there is anything which might raise a red flag. PG content would be my first thoughts. Some folks can’t deal with the PG. It could be the flavor itself. I know that TPA Hazelnut, in too high of a percentage, tends to make me cough. So, I back it down to what my lungs will handle without making me feel like coughing.

Thanks. I’ll ask her about the % on it. It is a vendor juice from e-liq.com so no way to really know what’s in it. It is possible that I’ll just wind up dumping it.

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Smooth is TPA’s version of something like MTS Vape Wizard (FA). From their website:
A flavor smoothener that is useful to use in concert with other flavors- “Smooth” will round out any harsh edges and provide a thick, satisfying mouthfeel. It will soften the high notes of your blend while boosting your background notes.


What JoJo said ! I use it 1 drop per 7-10mls it helps mellow out harsh or too strong of flavors for instance I had a Berry mix that was way to overwhelming I added 1 drop chilled it right out. It can ruin a mix quick so try not to be heavy handed !

Triacetin is the actual name of the ingredients- a chemical compound known as a food additive.

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