About cooling agent / chiller

hello, im curious about the topic above.
what is the differ between ws-3 / ws-23
ws-3 known as koolada. or Menthyl methyl lactate.

can anyone guide help me with ws-23?
i need the cooling sensation with the burning, numbness & irritation.

From what I can tell, it’s a different chemical that does the same thing. Both are said to provide a cooling sensation without minty flavor. I’m guessing you mean cooling sensation with OUT burning, numbness, and irritation? I’ve not found anywhere that sells these as their chemical names, but menthyl methyl lactate IS koolada for all intents and purposes.

I’m not sure where you’re planning on getting this, but I’d suggest just getting koolada from a known vape source like ECX or BCV. If you can’t do koolada, try extreme ice by FW or just plain menthol.

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i already getting it about 2kgs
after dilute the powder, it seems numbness in the throat.
if you buy the dilute version. it will be to expensive.

im getting my 2kg at 130USD.
if you want the koolada, i can sell those.
im using it only 350 grams.

Hi…pls help me out…how to dilute powder cooling agent? Tq

Same as Ethyl Maltol, you make a 10% solution. Easiest is probably measuring 1g of powder and adding 9g of PG…

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Do i need to do double boil or just mix n stir?? Sir…

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I want to make 500ml solution of cooling agent …do i need to double boil or is there other method to dilute it…

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Menthyl methyl lactate should readily dissolve in PG. When I dissolve EM crystals or menthol, I usually gently(!) heat the PG-solution. A warm water/rice bath, then just shake :smile:

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Okay sir…tq very much🙏

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I place the mixture in my ultrasonic cleaner with hot water.


I made a diy stir magnet…can it still mix without heat up the PG…

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PG is pretty thin so it should work. I use heat to help dissolve the crystals.

It should dissolve fine with just PG - Heat just makes it go a bit faster :slight_smile: You should be good with just the mag mixer :smile:

Okay…done without heating…it mixed fine…tqvm sir…u guys being very helpful🙏

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