About e-cig shipping to Italy

hi. anyone know what about e-cig shipping to Italy? i want to make order from China for e-juice, mod and atomizer. will i get a some problem with customs?

I know that Fasttech ships to Italy. Personally I would not order pre-made Eliquids from China. Maybe Hangsen Flavor concentrates. But that’s just like my opinion man :smile:

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As far as I’m aware Italy have already tightened up their regulations when it comes to vape related items. Like the rest of us in the EU there’s a chance customs could get a hold of your order but I would say it’s slim.
I agree with @Mark_Turner about the juice, I would buy it within the EU just to be on the safe side.

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Well i m from Italy,and usually i get some aroma like capella and flavor west directly from the U.S.A.,is random get the stop at custom clearance(with the fee ofc).
From China i get some stuff like rewrap and coils…the custom never took my package.
But why wanna get some “shitty” eliquids from China…is the real question xD

This is something I was wondering about as well with shipping from China to the UK. Basically, they’re part of the EU as well and should have the same applicable laws.
I’ve ordered a $100 mod and expected to having to pay customs, but it was delivered to my door without any additional costs.

That being said, the UK is being fined by the EU for import scam from Chinese products (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/08/uk-faces-2bn-fine-over-chinese-imports-scam-say-eu-anti-fraud-investigators) so I’m not sure how applicable my experience is to you or even if this story relates to imports from sites like fasttech, gearbest, ali etc…

Actually i will make order for mod and atomizer. Whatz import USD limit in italy?

Not sure, but I’m convinced that a couple mods and atomizers won’t be an issue. To be sure, just check the website of the Italian government. They should have all that information available.

Bro, quick question, I’m staying in Italiy for a couple of months, I’m thinking of buying liquids from the Nasty Juice web page, do you think i will have any problems with that?

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hey mate,

well ,at the moment in Italy the laws on the import of eliquid are quite mangy.

If you use a courier (being specified content) you will pay a fee of about $ 4 / 10ml … if you use the regular mail (not declaring the content) there will be 'pay only if the customs will check your package. …

I suggest you bring your liquids and your nicotine (in bottles not more than 100ml to not have problems at the airport) and / or if you will need others to buy them directly in Italy to avoid customs problems.

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I live in Italy, I often buy atomizers and mods from FT, 3F or GB, never had a problem, just once, a couple of years ago as @DrChud said customs got hold of it and I paid something like 10€, since then never had a problem, not even after the TPD regulation shit.

I never bought flavours or juices from that part of the world, not because of quality, I’d like to get hold of Hangssen’s but in Europe… but because I prefer buying well known flavours, usually from my home country (UK) they’re cheaper and trustworthy.
Wires, mesh (Zipvif) and sometimes flavours from Germany (Cloudhouse vapour)

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Adding to the above on Cloudhouse Vapor the coupon “50off” apparently still works, untill Nathan closes.
Europeans… 90c forTFA’s?? Don’t miss it!

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