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Nice, we get to swap spit! j/k Anyone have any flavors that they don’t want, hit me up we’ll work something out. Not looking for juices but mainly straight flavors you may not like and instead of throwing them away let someone else not like them :smile:

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Ok I’m gonna get the ball rolling on this one. I have 3 tobacco flavors I would like to pay forward. All are 6ml full bottles. I can tell by the smell that these aren’t something I can use.

If anyone wants them just say the word and I’ll get them sent out to you.

TFA Tobacco
TFA M Type
FW USA Blend

If I lived in the states I’d take em off your hands but Canada is a far ship for sure …I’m sure someone will bite on this . Have you not even given them a try?

I’m pretty picky about tobacco flavors. I can tell by the smell that it’s not something I can use so I’m not going to waste supply’s to try. I figure someone else may smell it and think it’s exactly what their looking for so I’d just a soon pass it on.

I have an Arctic tank by Horizon tech.

Here’s some info on it in case your not familiar

Mobile-friendly - Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank by Horizon Tech is the tank you have all been waiting for. You can use the new Bottom Turbine Dual Coil 0.2 ohm atomizer to power up to 100 watts (sold separately). … The tank will give you options to use either BTC (Bottom Turbine Coil) or BTDC (Bottom Turbine …

Anyways I am not a fan of warm vapor this tank sure gives you that. I was wondering if anyone had something of interest to trade tank wise ? I don’t build my own coils so a RDA isn’t of interest to me. I use stock coils.

I prefer MTL hits.

So Hit me up with what ya got !

I already have more than enough e juice so not too interested in that was hoping for similar hardware and hoping for USA member trade to keep postage down.

UPDATE : No Longer available.

Hey, daath is there an area that is used for selling? I have brand new in the box unopened Magnetic Stirrer that I would like to sell that I purchased and never used from Amazon.

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If you’re still looking to trade i have a protank 3 with 5 or 6 coils. A couple of the coils are the brand new vertical coils that kanger put out toward the end of last year.

Sorry I gave it away to a newbie not long after shoulda updated this.

Can I act on behalf of my friend who has a gazillion flavors of all sorts? She would register here but has hit her limit on forum memberships. (I still encourage her to join, though). She has flavors to trade but is willing to give away while they’re still good.

I would be very interested. Do you have a list of flavors? What flavors is she looking for?

Nicotine River Strawberry Biscuit
Purilim Sweet Tobacco
INW Vanilla Cream
INW Custard
TFA Honeysuckle
OSDIY Strawberry Milk
OSDIY Blackberry

This is not a full list but she has:
White Choc
Beaver Tail
Lemon Cake
Peach Cobbler
Cake Batter
Fried Dough
Funnel Cake
French Toast
Vanilla Custard

Real Flavors, not SC-
Pineapple Upside Down CAke
Black Raspberry

Wonder Flavors Sample Set- lots of small bottles, 5ml I think. Will list on request.


Cream (large bottle) Choc. Deutsch
Pink Guava Boysenberry
Peanut Butter Banana
Bourbon Vanilla Custard- 2
Custard Cookie Dough
Butterscotch Crunch Cereal
Tropical Punch Cavendish
Cupcake Batter Donuts
Ginger Snap Yakima Hops
Sweet Fig Wild Melon
Strawberry -2 Milk & Honey

I did claim the TFA SB Ripe. Btw, if she is piffing all she asks for is postage.

I have NR Strawberry Biscuit and Sweet Tobacco. Only 10ml though and probably missing 10 drops each? Any others she might want?

I am interested in:

WF Regular concentrates
Butter Pecan Pie
Butterscotch Cream Pie
Caramel Butter

Butter Tart
butter cream frosting
coconut custard
Nanaimo Bar
Princess Cake

Cookie Dough

Hi @MysticRose. I’m @muth’s friend. She linked me to this thread. I’ve been a member for a bit but find it a little confusing here. :slight_smile:
I’ve quoted the list that muth posted and added commas. I do have the FLV Cookie Dough on your list. Also the WF regular Butter Pecan Pie, Butterscotch Cream Pie and Caramel Butter. They are small 5ml bottles, part of a sample pack that doesn’t seem to exist on Gremlin DIY any longer. AFAIK none of them are SC. I’d be happy to trade those, or the whole sample set for that matter, for the NR Strawberry Biscuit and Sweet Tobacco…as long as you’re in the US (due to shipping costs).

Hopefully I’ll be able to find this thread again, but if not, message me or muth knows where I am.


Thank you @muth I got your messages and will pm your friend now :slight_smile: