Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Or at least I’m hoping it does. :wink: Sorry I’ve not been around much lately.

Some of you will be happy and others will be sad and others will be completely ambivalent to hear that I am taking a break from all things ELR responsibility. It is not permanent and I’m not deactivating my account or anything, I just won’t be around as much here or in Discord. Lars and Ken and the other mods have things well in hand here and I’m sure everyone will get on just fine without me for a bit. Heck, maybe even better. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not you, it’s me. Life has taken some very interesting, exciting, and terrifying turns recently, a lot is going on all at once, and I feel like stepping away from ELR is in my best interest for the time being. I’m a big fan of telling everyone I talk to who has things going on at home that real life ALWAYS takes center stage over virtual life. I’ve decided to take my own advice for once. LoL.

You’re still welcome to PM me and I’ll pop in and out as I’m able, but just know that if you’re needing something, especially if it is urgent, you’ll need to get someone else to help you.

I hope my hiatus is short lived and know that I’ll miss you guys while I am gone. Be good, don’t burn the place down, and be nice to the rest of the staff cuz it’s a hard job.



Stay safe!


Enjoy your break away with your special person, RL and your sanity are more important than being AT :smile:

I’m all out of likes, take this :hatching_chick: with you :smile:


Words an man hates to hear from a woman , because it’s always his fault …

Now that jokes are out of the way hope everything works out, for ya…

@jojo does tagging count as a pm ?

Okay I had one more joke…

Anyways good luck and you will be missed .


Who is going to keep the naughties in line?


I was going to hit the “Like” button but that really seemed inappropriate… almost like I’m “liking” you stating that your going to take a short break… no no no no no… I do like that your going to take a breather and take care of some stuff you feel needs to take presidents… but hope you check in on us more often that you think you won’t be able to. Hope everything goes well and you don’t stress yourself out too much.


Can I nominate @Cutlass92 ?


Does anyone else hear wedding bells?


@JoJo even though we don’t know each other, I respect and also read alot of you wisdom. Just to let you know if you need anything. Just a holler away. GL hope all goes well for you.


I hesitated as well but it’s good that she’s taking care of herself and that she’ll be back.


That would be the equivalent of a wolf watching the hen house.


Hate to not “see” you around but I understand and respect your decision. Just remember we love you!
Edit : Fare Thee Well


Keep everything in check @JoJo We’ll be here waiting for ya !!


What @SessionDrummer said! Already planning your return also! Peace be with you.


Take care @JoJo :heart:
Wishing you the best life has to offer


We’re here for ya, girl! :hugs: Enjoy that break. :+1:


Kia Kaha (be strong) and be back :grin:


The Cat’s Away! Mouse PAARTY!

…I mean, Godspeed on your new Journey. :hugs:

…and Mad Props (!!!) for all you done did

…oh don’t think nobody noticed it took like 6 (?) people to fill your “shoes”


hugs @JoJo
Take whatever time you need to hon!
Don’t worry about this place. It will sort itself.

You’re a sweet, thoughtful lady, and you absolutely should be looking after #1 above all else when it’s needed. You always have our thoughts, love, and appreciation for who you are, and the attempts at keeping things moving in a friendly direction.

Regardless of how long it takes, or what happens in the interim, know that you are loved. And we’ll be happy to see you return (once your personal “dust” has settled). :hugs:


@JoJo I’m a mod on other forums and know exactly what it feels like, on one side you need a break and you’ve got a life to look after,you haven’t even got time for your own mixing… On the other you miss your friends and helping people has become part of your life (even if they ask silly questions…).
But you’ve seen everybody’s reaction… they/we all love you!:heart_eyes_cat:

I’m sure you’ll be back sooner that even you think, we already miss you!!