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Absolute Newbie


Wow, you have given me alot to consider. Let me work the ingredients I have coming in first, then I can consider delving further into the issue. I appreciate your time and attention.


The only food based flavor I truly appreciated was a “green apple”, that I eventually mixed with my Mint Chill.


Thanks for the beginning info.


Thanks for well wishes. The very best to you and yours.


Im not saying that once I am comfortable, that I won’t switch methods. Just that as a complete newbie, I ordered what I thought would be effective for me to mix fluids to my taste. Though I agree that others have their own preferences, it seems I already offended someone with my food flavored juice comment. I am the same way as you, live and let live. Food/no food, weighted/volume and my favorite, 45/9mm :joy:. I truly appreciate everyone’s constructive advice.


Ignore that ignorance … And I did not,actually mean you made an enemy … i should,have put lol after that . It is something that gets under my skin , only bc of a certain individual ALWAYYYYYS saying it , at the same time they are vapimg space jam elipse or something like that … I actually forgot all about the post , and by know means would I hold a grudge over an opinion , So I do apologize for going sideways …


Thanks for clarifying your position, I actually thought that perhaps I had re-flamed an old “fire” without knowing it. From an old 45acp person, thanks once again.


See we are all different i prefer an H&K 40 lol , but ibdo believe our differences are what makes this community so great … Welcome and GL


Vape is vape, food is food ,and tobacco is tobacco. Okay

To each his own. The important part is everyone enjoys their hobby…

Me I say let’s get crazy and mix them up together and have on heck of a flavor party… And if all else fails

We can vape butter !!! (Dang I miss her buttery comments)


I’m right there with you. I had to take a few years off myself but had a PG issue. I ordered from NR myself yesterday. Actually two separate orders since I needed more flavors. I love minty flavor as well. Good luck on your journey since I’m totally new to diy juice. I build my coils but the was where I needed to be for my allergy. I’m going with a 80-90vg/20-30pg blend myself.
You are so right about the new regulations out. Plus I got out a few of my old mods as well!:grinning::v:


Lol, allerery people unite. Talk about old equipment, I am ruining an Eifel T1, with an aspire Atlantis tank. My hands are too big to wrap my own coils, so I run the .3 sub-ohm premades from Aspire. I am hoping I can get close to the flavor profile I enjoyed years ago. It had a very lung filling feel with extreme cooling sensation. The cooling was helpful, living in Florida, lol. But from people’s reviews, it appears that with the current flavors I have coming in, I am going to have more of a menthol flavor… To be determined. I have decided to keep a log so I know exactly how much of what flavor I’m adding, since it appears I will have to wait a week for the true “profile” to develop. At my age, memory isn’t what it used to be.


@Seeker I did see where there’s a few flavor additives that can help with the mint or cooling sensation that you probably are seeking. Forgot the name of many but two did stick out in my old memory bank of being Koolada and Polar Blast. I found several different additions that can help us out these days. On Nic River they will be on their own listing for them under additives. Just got the link.
I am buying the exotic coils in the spool and going from there along with K1 also. I had a few premade coils that came with my new attys and that helped me. Yes, my old Atlantis is about shot. The airflow ring on mine spins freely. It just sits, there’s many others in the box that I didn’t even mess with. Still have my Hana Modz’s and Plume Veil. I gave a few mods away since I wasn’t using them. Now look!! LOL
Go on your profile and start banking recipes and tweaking them there. You can add new recipes as you go and save them along with notes. I’m doing that now. I also saved some of the juices that I like but are clones. I’m done buying anymore!! Promise you that. I understand the need for a cool flavor. I’m not far away from you. I’m in AL. Small world! :sunny: :smile:
Here’s the link to the flavors and additives I mentioned above. You can see there’s some interesting one’s like nut flavor and chocolate to help out. I’m going to do a Mint Chip here with maybe a vanilla ice cream then put the smooth in it…
Hope this helps!! https://www.nicotineriver.com/collections/flavor-extracts-additive


I feel a minty, buttery, tobacco vape recipe coming on! Might be good…? :laughing:


That’s funny. I just ordered more flavors. I’m now staying away from those pages until I need base liquids now. LOL. Figured I’ll use a few in baking as well. I’ve got a pretty good jump now. Followed my own advice about the Koolada!

I think you are right on the minty, butter thing! Sounds awesome too! Zero calorie at that! :smile:


Butter Mint Purilum is a good single, only available on NR I think.


Awesome! Thank you Letitia!! You’re such a great help to me! :slight_smile: I just ordered from them as well! I’ll put this on my wishlist!!! :smiley:


Well the package arrived today. Let the mad scientist loose, lol. I have a basic understanding of the concept, my only concern will be the flavor profile.



What really funny is that I actually purchased velcro straps so that I could strap my finished bottle onto my upturned DA sander. The sander normally takes round fuzzy backed sanding disks but the fuzzy side of velcro strip sticks great. This is what I’m going to try as a bottle shaker… Anyone else have a better home engineering idea for a shaker?


sawzall would work