Absolute Newbie

Good Evening everyone,

Picking up the vape habit once again, took a 4-year hiatus back to smoking. But fortunately, my equipment still works, lol. What stinks is the last time I vaped, I could walk in and have my juice made to my specs, now the government interferes… Anyway, just placed my first order with Nicotine River, and have received shipping notification today.

Here is what I ordered.

|L-SYR-LL30|30ml Luer Lock Syringe - 30ml / 1|1|
|F-FW-039.002|Flavor West Menthol - 2oz|1|
|P-PPG-LTRS-L01|Propylene Glycol - 1 Liter (500ml x 2)|1|
|N-PUR-NRM-048V-1L|48mg PurNic E-Liquid Nicotine - 1 Liter / VG Based|1|
|L-BTN-CMBO|Blunt Tip Needle - Combo / 1|1|
|F-FW-025.002|Flavor West Extreme Ice - 2oz|1|
|F-FA-076.002|FlavourArt Menthol Arctic - 2oz|1|
|L-SYR-ST10|10ml Slip Tip Syringe - 1|1|

Yes I have a vg sensitivity, hence going for a 50/50 mix. As you can tell by the flavors, I am looking for an extreme “mint” flavor at a 50/50 ratio with a final nic level of 24. I don’t plan on mixing more than 60 mils at a time until I find the final flavor profile I am looking for.

Any idea’s or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great night.


I’m no expert, but I’m thinking those flavors will give you the menthol cooling effect, but not really minty.

I have, however, found this mint to be decent.

Best of luck!!


I agree with miss molly. Your going to end up with a mouth feel and throat hit of cooling and menthol with an empty vape.

Here is a work in progress

Spearmint flv 0.7
Swedish fish cap silver line 3.5
Vanilla shisha inw 2
Fresh cream fa 0.4
Steep 3 weeks.

Plenty of mint, a fun mouth feel with a slight gummy feel. Cream and vanilla fill gaps of the mint and shaves the harshness.


Oh my havent seen that much , lots of PG sensitive peeps sorry to hear that …


60 ml’s might be too much to start out with. I start with 5 ml’s and sometimes adjust recipes to 10 ml’s before I go to larger batches.


Thanks for the headsup but since I’m not using a scale, I didn’t think I could mix a batch that small. Most of the recipes I have read don’t seem to scale down but rather the other direction. I think my issue will be the lesser flavors volumes.


Thanks, I know I’m weird. I have to carry an epi-pen for a severe food allergy to sesame seeds also. You would be surprised at how many prepackaged foods have sesame derivatives (seeds, oils, etc). But anyway the higher vg juices break me out in small lesions / clear bumps.


Thanks for the suggestion, [quote=“Molly_Mcghee, post:2, topic:215246”]
I’m no expert, but I’m thinking those flavors will give you the menthol cooling effect, but not really minty.

I have, however, found this mint to be decent.

Interesting, but thank you. When I first vaped 10 years ago, I truly enjoyed a flavor called Mint Chill. It was an extreme mint with a heavy cooling effect. I cannot seem to find that flavor or a recipe in todays regulated world. What is weird is that I am not a menthol smoker, rather a 'Red" cigarette. Anyway Im trying to recreate that flavor profile from taste. I’ll log my progress as best Im able but am afraid I’ll probably be criticised because I am going by volume not weight.


Thanks for the suggestion. I tend to not enjoy complex flavor profiles. I could never vape “cherry cheesecake” for example. Food Should be food and vape should be vape. So I am looking for an extreme cooling mint flavor with no additional flavors. But once again, thank you.


You shouldn’t be criticized for mixing by volume. If that is your preferred method and it works for you then go for it.


I dont know what my preferred method will be yet, as this is the first time mixing my own ejuice. But I am hopeful you are correct.


You have just made and enemy … I know people who say the same exact thing … Wtf is a vape supposed to be ??? That’s like a smoker saying to someone that vapes … Tobacco should,be tobacco , or cigarettes should be ciggaratte and vape should be a vape… wtf is with those type of statements ??? Hey news flash A juice can be whatever someone chooses , where is the definition of what it has to be ,??? I fucking hate that shit " a vape should be a vape , food should be a food " WTF


Must echo what FV said:

As one of the PG (plus gluten, plus corn, plus artificial sweeteners etc) sensitives, I’m an old hand at avoiding certain substances. It ain’t easy. I suspect it will prove harder to cut VG out of your juice, than to cut PG out, but I would certainly consider going the whole hog, if I were you. Seeing as sensitivity often increases with continued exposure,aand best not to wait until the day comes when the slightest trace makes you very ill. (by which I mean, “Do as I say, not as I did” :grin:)

But first, you did do a proper elimination trial,to firmly pin down VG as the culprit, I hope? It would be a shame to base highly inconvenient lifestyle changes on mistaken identity.

Secondly, have you looked into the source of your VG, and tried different sources? Eg , i have heard before of people reacting to traces of palm in palm- based VG. The same might go for any other souce. It might also be worth trying organic VG, to be as sure as possible of avoiding traces of contaminants like pesticides.

For my own part, I’m now beginning to wonder if my PG sensitivity might be due to the increasing usage of corn as a raw material in PG production? I haven’t checked yet, but I shouldn’t be surprised to find that the same goes for VG. (Corn is dirt cheap in the USA, so they’re finding more and more uses for it.)

Yeah, yeah, I know ,they say that the end result is identical regarless of source, but too many allergy sufferes have found otherwise in practice, in too many cases (eg many celiacs know to avoid grain-based spirits such as whiskey. in spite of the fact that the gluten is “effectively removed by distillation” . The theory seems sound enough , yet somehow , our bodies often fail to realise this!

Some manafucturers (not all ) will tell you what their VG is made from. I do think it’s well worth enquiring, and experimenting (if you haven’t done this already)

In any case, all the best!


You may gets lots of suggestions to switch to weight, but kindly remind them that you are aware of the options and prefer to mix by volume. Criticism, in the negative sense, should not be a common tone here. But, yeah, you will get lots of people wondering why you do it “the hard way!” And praising the ease and accuracy of mixing with a scale. It’s been debated to death and the only answer is whatever You prefer.


Sorry, just caught this part! Any way you go, you’ll be just fine. Good luck on your hunt for that minty-cool recipe! Wish I could help!


It’s all good, my friend. You like what you like, you don’t like what you don’t like. This is diy, after all.

Keep an open mind though. Who knows, maybe one day you found a recipe that makes you like food flavored vape.


I have syringe mixed 5 and 3 ml as test mixes for years.
3 ml. single flavors mixes and 5 up to 3 or 4 flavors depending on the mix. Hang in there, it takes a while to catch on to DIY.


I see your point for vape Vs food, I find most bakery recipes disappointing.
On the other hand, I like herbals. I’ll just say for the spirit of getting you something more balanced that peppermint fa and a bit of lemon ( maybe fe) would go really well for a minty mentholy vape. I have a weird passion for tarragon myself :slight_smile:


Just a quick note on this. You can use things like Creams or Marshmallow to add a little body to the vapor. Thickness, Body or a basic Smoothness/Texture can be missing and the vapor will be very thin and biting. Using these kinds of ingredients at low %s can simply round out a recipe without making it taste like the food or drink item you use.

If the thought if adding Cream or another food item still turns you off, you can check out the Additive class of ingredients if your mix is unsatisfactory.



you think what you wanna think and mix how you wanna mix, there’s no rules here, except one…have fun with it.
Find your own way and have a blast in the process, good luck with your journey down the rabbit hole Seeker, I hope you find what you’re looking for :wink::+1::beers: