Absolutely New to Vaping: Will it really help me to quit smoking?

Hello helpies!

I am really glad to join ELR. :relaxed: I am smoking since 2010. Not a regular smoker (Hardly 2-3/week). Now I have realised that it’s time to give up.

I tried many times to quit it without vaping or other methods. Unfortunately, it’s not working for me :frowning_face: . I am reading vaping blog for 1 year and really inspired though. I am excited to start vaping, But before this, I am really afraid of starting a new habit. If it will not work for me to quit smoking, I may the only one who is both vaper and smoker lol :joy::joy::grimacing: .

Can you please guide me where and how to start? What mod/pen should I look at? What flavour of what strength I have started? I would like something that smells delicious and doesn’t give any taste of smoking.

Sorry for many questions and of course for bad English :neutral_face:

Thank you


Yes it really can help you quit smoking…

I smoked 6 packs of cigar cigarettes each day. The trick for me was finding the right nicotine level…

Then it was all downhilll for me. Currently I’m @ 6 nic about to drop to 3 nic

Over the years I tried patches and I tried the gum it never worked … I still wanted cigs…

Then one day a nice lady introduced me to vuse… it helped with not wanting a cig but honestly it was costing me more than cigs , so I went back to tobacco the. I moved to ga and decided to try enjoy vape products. Again same it helped with not wanting a cig but as much as I was vaping it cost way more than cigs. So I went to a local vape shop… thru trial and more trial I ended up dripping 24 nic. Over the next 2 yrs I’ve dropped my nic to 6 nic

This time next year I hope to be at 1 nic or zero nic. Now I’m not saying you need to start as high as I did… most people start a lot lower…

But I think the trick is to find the right nicotine level so you don’t want that nasty cigarette


Welcome aboard! You can properly say hello here:

And some more reading for u to get started:


Inspiring… finding the right nicotine level is tough. I am not a regular smoker. Do you think will be good for me to choose higher strength.

I was wondering to 3mg.


Thank you for helpful resources. Can you help me move my thread to appropriate board. I want more people to come and advice me.


I would highly recommend you speak to your doctor about seeing your smoking cessation nurse before anything, you might be happy with one of the options they can provide, if not then vaping could be the one for you.

I’m coming up on my 3yr (next month) cigarette free anniversary :tada:


I want to go with vaping. Never tried but I am excited for start vaping.


Firstly, good luck on quiting the nasties!
I smoked between 20 and 30 cigs a day for 40 years, since my first vape I haven’t touched another cigarette, so yes, it can definitely help.
The thing is that different vaping styles suit different people, so it’s hard to say what’s the best way to start.
However, in my experience, most of us start with a cigarette like vape, in other words a mouth to lung vape that feels like a cigarette.
I would suggest starting with a Pod system, the Bo pod system is a good one, but they are all very similar. In the kit you buy, you will get one 8mg pod and one 16mg pod, so it’s a good way to see where your most comfortable.
If you like it, you can then start to try different flavors according to your taste.
Please be aware that the first vape you take will probably make you cough, persevere and after a few tries you will get used to it.


I would think your “addiction” is more mental than physical, but I also am not a doctor. As others suggest, seek a medical professional. I would suggest vaping 0 nic it very may be that you have a fixation of the hand to mouth movements that many smokers have (which is why many people attempting to quit smoking suck on straws or such). And while I haven’t heard anyone ever say they started smoking because of vaping, I have heard many people say vaping helped them stop smoking.


What if I start with a very easy to use vale pen?
Which one will you recommend? I have patience to wait. I hope I’ll not move to smoke just because of some cough. :grinning:


Thank you. I am thinking of starting with 0mg or 3mg.


It will if you give it a chance I quit with vaping I smoked for 44 years haven’t touched a cigarette in 2 years


That might be too low after just quitting smoking (it was for me)I tried with 3mg it was too low I was doing 18 mg I’m down to 8 mg now and soon will drop down to 6mg it depends on why you smoked if it was just the habit or if is a physical addiction to nicotine for me I was really badly addicted to nicotine starting with a higher nicotine juice and working my way down has kept me comfortable and off smoking that’s the beauty of DIY you can control and adjust your nicotine levels for pennies and make a juice that you like which will help vaping to quit smoking

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I am not addictive for nicotine, I just smoke for tried to be cool :wink: And I think vaping is more cool than regular cigarette, absolutely not harmfull as well


I wouldn’t go that far. Its absolutely less harmful than smoking, but breathing anything into your lungs other than air is potentially harmful. :wink:


Well, I am comparing it with cigarette for now :joy:


Hey welcome!
More than happy to support anything you wish to do, but I must say your smoking habit is very minimal. My wife has a similar habit and I can’t in good conscious advise her to vape instead. I can only project my experience to her and you. I vape a LOT. I love the sensation and the flavor. For me this is much healthier because of the volume I used to smoke. I can’t say with confidence the same would hold true for your habit. I would dare say you are doing less damage to your lungs than living in a big city. Regardless, have fun making the decision.


Ahhhh that’s confusing now… smoking 4-5 cigarette in a week is equal to vaping 10ml juice in week. Am I right?

I am a working professional and isn’t possible me to vape all the day.

I think 10ml juice with 3mg will not hurt my lungs.


I apologize, I did not want to confuse. 10ml of juice per week will not “hurt” your lungs. It all depends on how much you find yourself vaping. If you can keep it to 10ml/wk, I would consider that innocuous. If however you find yourself really enjoying vaping and subsequently vaping more it may be different. Hope that makes more sense.


Thank you @SmilingOgre to making it clear. Happy vaping mate