Academic Aroma

Hello Guys.
Can anyone tell me a source to learn more about mixing simple and also more complex Aroma?
Also about Layering, or to build diffrent Flavour-Bases like Creambase or Cokiebase or Strawberrybase, to build around a Complex Aroma(Liquid). All this theoretical stuff …

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I’ll be honest. My training for this is practice, error, testing, research.

Read read read. Test test test. For me it’s personal preference.

There are probably 20 thread created over the years talking about creams. Just search cream and base and wam’o you got a ton of info at your fingertips.

For example. There are some basic bakery recpies here on the site. All biscuit cookie and joy is what I picked. I made the recpie first (well, three different ones). Vaped all three. Took notes. Then I pIcked my favorite on and now I just add an extra flavor like a blackcurrant, or rassberry, or the list is endless.


There is some good info here…

IMO Flavor Pairing and Flavor Research is very important to layering. You need to know your flavors very well to create complicated mixes. Sometimes you might stumble onto a good mix, but knowing your flavors is more likely to help you be more successful when mixing.


The most important flavor pairing is the left sweety sock and the right. Then learning how to remove the sweet to make strawberry.

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But is good to have some basic information. That save time and nerves!

Anyone know the Third world Custard?

Just about everyone who loves a good custard!

Third World Custard

Ingredient %
Cake Batter (CAP) 1
French Vanilla (CAP) 2.5
Golden Butter (CAP) 0.2
Marshmallow (FA) 1.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 10

Flavor total: 15.2%

Remember to rate it at!

I want ask, when i use TPA French Vanilla instead off Capellas, How much % i have to use from the TPA French Vanilla?
Some People say, that the TPA one, is not so strong like the CAP one.


To be honest I have never tried changing the flavors.
Better ask @Amy2 she will know!

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I really don’t think I’ve used TFA French Vanilla in a long time. I have V2 of it by Capella and it suits me fine. From what I seen of ELR they’re about the same in strength around 2.5 is the median usage…for Cap and 2.00 for TFA

I use French Vanilla creme TFA but it’s weak. I like Caps better.

So @Zugmaschine if you do use the TFA in the recipe you would start out at 2 but looks like 2.5 % would be more successful.


Sorry, i have used French Vanilla CREME! But i took 4% of Frech Vanilla Creme because is more weak than the French Vanila of CAP! I will see, how it works …


I also want not change or sub any flavor, but my French Vanilla fron CAP was empty. When i have it again in my stash, i will use the French Vanilla from CAP!

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I don’t think it will change the flavor much at all , you may like it better with the TPA French Vanilla Cream over the Cap version.

Everyone has to sub flavors at times that is just the way it is.I have over 250 flavors in my stash and I still have to sub on the vast majority of recipes I mix.

We have a few options to help us sub flavors.
We can go to the notes section and see how the mixing range percentages compare to each other and adjust accordingly.I do this most times and it usually works out well.
I have asked on the comments section of the recipe I am thinking of trying but sometimes that may take a while for someone to respond.
I also will do as you and ask on the forum to get others opinions , we are lucky to have some great mixers here that love to help!

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Yep that’s the one I currently have an it’s weak I have to use it around 4% to get anything out of it. Glad I’m not the only one. Hope it turns out great for ya !

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