Accessories - I think you would like this

Every once in a while I’ll pick up an item (not a mod or topper) that I think it just great and that others would enjoy. I thought we could share with each other those little finds that are great little accessories which may not be the most advertised or popular. Here’s one I would like to recommend. I got 5 of these and I fell in love with them. Normally I don’t care that much for a glass tip because they tend to run hot, but these aren’t like that at all. Probably due to them being a dual material tip.

What have you picked up that you think others would like? I know one thing i’m interested in, and that’s a battery case that will hold at least 6 batteries.

I’m looking forward to what folks here will recommend.


This was my lates find. Helps ease the installation of coils. Can’t live without it now.


Not cheap, but looks cool.


I wish they would make one of these carriers that would hold six cells.I have a couple of the ones that hold four.I use the orange one to store my cells that need to be charged.I like the design without a lid , much easier to remove or fill.


@Big_Benny_MI and @BoyHowdy

Thanks! Either of those would be a vast improvement to what I just used. I have some prescription pill bottles I used that would hold 3 batteries. Works perfectly but it does allow them to rub against each other. Not a problem in my ride for the most part, but still, it’s comforting to know they are fully protected.

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Nice thread! I will have a few items to add to this when they arrive :wink:

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Had to bookmark this thread. I’m sure there will be some items that I never thought of. :+1:

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