Accidental Recipe Posting

Hello everyone,
Earlier today, I noticed an unexpected comment on an in-development recipe of mine that I had not intended to be public. The comment was an auto-generated comment from the system, essentially saying that I was not using traditional ingredients from the ELR database. The recipe, called CoRY4-2 was an accidental public posting and contained ID numbers associated with the individual ingredients from the personal database I use to track and reference them. I just wanted to apologize to the forum and anyone who may have come across it and assure everyone that any intentional public postings of mine will use proper ingredients from the ELR database.



No harm, no foul. You can mark it Private, which it appears has already been done.


@PAFLICK I wasn’t being nosey, nevermind yes I was I was reading your bio on this end and read you’ve been mixing since “09” that’s freaking awesome. Please, I’d love to see some of your work ?


Just remeber that when you add a flavor you add a flavor. Public or private. So if you add strawberry fa 11179494 (lot number) there will now be an entry in the database for that


And it will be lost when it gets merged!

The place for lot numbers, storage bin numbers, or any other such extraneous data is the notes section!

TIA for helping keep the database clean!


That’s a good point, I never even considered that before, but in retrospect, looking at ingredients it does show how many private recipes the ingredient is used in. Thanks for that reminder (and minor smackdown - well-deserved I might add.) :blush:


Didn’t really mean it as a targeted thing. More of a general comment about those who do that, or use that format (in naming). I didn’t even look to see if you did or didn’t… chuckles

It was more of a heads up to the general populus than anything. As it’s something I run across infrequently.

No harm or “brow-beating” intended.
Sorry if I was a bit curt.


oh me to :grinning:


With my flavors in private recipes I annotate them as it works for me. I have several coffee and tobacco extractions along with some food grade extracts like cinnamon and orange that would be annotated with date, ingredients extracted and mfgr for my quick reference. One in particular is D&R Picayune tobacco a NET reading “DR Picayune 762018” That’s the mfgr, name, and date extracted.
I will be following you in hopes of seeing some of your considerable experience in recipe form!


@whosyourdaddy/@Benoz/@craigtalley/ - Thank you for the comments and interest. I must admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist while simultaneously never thinking anyone would like the stuff that I tend to take an interest in, but I have tweaked many recipes over the years that I enjoy, and some that I don’t so much but others claim addiction to. I will indeed start publishing some of them with a bit more regularity in the hopes that at a minimum those mixers who take an interest won’t have to endure the worst combinations possible as I’m fairly certain I found most of them in the first few years! (Hah)

Happy three-day weekend to all!



That would be great @PAFLICK

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Just ‘for the record’ (so to speak), “specialty creations” such as yours (and other’s NET’s, stones, etc) are generally handled with a hands-off approach.

The primary focus is dealing with cleaning up the established manufacturers listings. EG: Capella, TFA, FA, Inawera, etc.