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Accidently made doubler purchases. What should I do?

I purchased these 3 products that just arrived. it was an accident as i thought they were concentrates. tbh i couldnt sell them if i triesd as alol i can taste in ethyl maltol. I was getting ready to mix up donuts custards and cheesecakes but I think I’ve ordered incorrectly . all 3 flavours illustrated in the attachment seem to have a lot of ethyl maltol inside. If I was to mix up for example… 10ml of blueberry custard… Which is pgvg 70/30 86%. Blueberry 8%. Custard 6%. How would that change. Or could someone please give me a recoomendation as to what to mix it with. Apparently the bottles contain TFA products. Thanks


As marked, they are ‘Single’ not Doublers, just like any ready-to-vape juice (without nicotine).

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Agreed. They are probably ready to mix and vape.

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what if they taste a little too ethyl maltol? im trying to get my thinking hat on.

@BoDarc @Vapor_Tiger @St3v0 I have also a similar question accept that I have purchased a single ready to vape mix. What I want to know though, was if I divided it into smaller 30ml bottles then can I add other concentrates as an experiment ? I actually purchased this liquid with this intention along with keeping a 30ml bottle to use as is. Hope you can help guys :grin:


Ready to vape mixes are usually stuffed to the brim with ingredients already, so while adding more might seem like a good idea, you may end up with some overstrong liquids you cannot vape. Or even worse, end up with a new all day vape, but not be able to recreate it as you have no idea what %'s (or other additives) that were used when mixing.

So while sure, it is something you could do, you do have to ask, is it worth it when mixing up a 10ml tester yourself takes minutes (and you know what is in that)?


@yodaofborg thanks for the advice. Made sense :+1::100:


Another option is one that I’ve employed on more than one occasion.
I occasionally buy a RTV juice or doubler when they’re on special and I like the sound of the profile description. Unfortunately I’ve not always enjoyed the taste of the juice so I’ve used my notes and memory to mix the juice with a smaller amount of mixed concentrate.
To explain… as after I’ve read that back it could be a bit confusing!
I know what I mean but,

Say you’ve bought a 30ml singler.
Take a predetermined amount of your choice, personally I normally use 4 or 5 ml and mix it with whatever concentrates you’ve chosen. I normally do a few 10ml bottles so the recipe would be.

4ml of your juice
6ml of a concentrate that you know you like and believe will work well with the juice. Obviously mix the 6ml up to whatever PG/VG and nicotine strength you want.
Therefore the resulting 10ml of ‘combination’ can be a vapeable mixture that you can enjoy.
There’s calculators on line to use.

I hope that makes sense.


I’ve done similar schemes, but @yodaofborg pointed out a great point …worst case scenario, you make the best juice of all time, but can’t reproduce it. It is a good way to see how recipes (or an individual flavor) might change an existing recipe, but along the same lines it would be better to start with a recipe from ELR where you have a list of all the other flavors in Recipe 1.

A majority of what you learn in DIY is simply how different Vendors labeled flavors actually taste. Obvious pick → Strawberry. There’s a long list of flavors that claim strawberriness, with a limitless spectrum of actual flavor. Like saying you want to paint your wall Blue …then you start mixing a couple old cans of different shades of blue. You could spend years gaining the micro-granularity testing all the combinations of just Strawberry.

It’s better to try some recommended Recipes from here and then judge just how those two (or more) known strawberry flavorings combined. The first disappointment we all likely have shared is (example) buying a tasty Custard from a local Shop and we then bought a flavoring labeled “Strawberry” and added it …thinking it should be that easy. Some Vendors even promote such products, but the real problem is a recipe I might love you would hate …translation, DIY is all about you discovering what you like/dislike …and there are few shortcuts.

ELR rules here in the land-of-DIY-WTF. If you’re new, be sure to walk through the Beginner threads. We have all struggled and there is some premium advice here, so you can succeed by learning from our shared woes. If you want to know how that new Flavoring you bought tastes, just make some juice with just that one flavor. These “Single Flavor Tests” or SFTs are a core culinary test for discovering what you (subjectively) Love …heh then you have to learn how that flavor combines with another …with let’s say, that same “strawberry” (again an example) label. It’s often crazy …sometimes magical …sometimes “Nope~!”