Acetyl pyrazine messing all my mixes up or mts vape wizard?

I have been mixing for a minute, and have been able to replicate some very good mixes. A few recipes i have mixed gave the option of adding acetyl pyrazine and mts smooth. I have skipped them for a while and all the juices have been good. So my recent order i figured i would step it up and give these additives a try. Both mixes came too far from the quality i was expecting. actually took away from the flavor profiles of the juice. I added smooth at 1 drop per 15ml and acetyl pyrazine at 1 drop per 10ml, these seemed lower than using at a 1% flavor so i thought it would be safer at these ratios.does anyone have any experience with this they could help me. the juices i tried this with was cereal killa clone by unknown and apple butter oatmeal cookie by young lungz

I have never used acetyl pyrazine but from what I see here of ELR the median use is 1% in mixes. I personally use Hazelnut or Peanut Butter for nut flavor. As far as Vape Wizard, this is the same thing as Smooth. It has no flavor and is usually used for tobaccos, menthol, and some fruit blends when needed. Vape Wizard will mute flavors. This is not something that is needed very often. Only when you need to tone down a mix…


Love using AP @ no more than 1% with RY4 flavoring. It may not be to everyone’s taste though. I have only used smooth in a couple of recipes but I understand that if not used carefully, it can ruin a good juice.


I love AP. If I could have only one additive that’d be it. Not sure what the AP % is that you’re using. The one I have is 5% and I use 1-2 drops per 10ml. Some people don’t like it that strong though. @Amy2 dilutes it 2-3 drops in 10ml PG or VG (I think) and uses that. MTS/Smooth I’ve only used once or twice and that was with citrus juices that made me cough.


Yes @JoJo is right I have to dilute it or it is too strong. 3 drops in 10 Mls and I do a mix of vg 25/pg 75 in that dilute ( just cuz I don’t tolerate pg well )

This cuts down on that overpowering everything as well as the boldness. I don’t feel it loses anything to me the flavor is still good and bready.

Wonder how long yours has steeped ? And if you opened it to air for any amount of time ?

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…must say, it does lend a very nice nutty note to my tobacco mixes; used at no more than 1% as you and @Lostmarbles have suggested and given the chance to steep, it’s a great addition to a mix, if you like that type of flavor. :wink:


Notwithstanding the excellent suggestions and comments already offered, it would really help us understand the problems you’re having if you link to the actual recipes you’ve attempted, particularly as there don’t appear to be any versions of Cereal Killa Clone by an “unknown” nor any recipes at all attributed to “young lungz”.

Further, none of the seven Cereal Killa Clone or the three Apple Butter Oatmeal Cookie recipes thrown up in searches suggest using Smooth or AP.

Jackster was the cereal killa clone and I believe his recipe on Reddit called for .5% ap, the oatmeal cookie was by Wayne from diy or die vaping, I think his name on here is enwreklaw or something close to that, I do appreciate all the feed back, you will have o excuse my tardiness on a response, working full time and also chemistry and physic finals this week, I belive I am just going to continue my mixes with out them and then set aside 10 ml of each recipe and just try the lower levels, the main thing was that some of these recipes just came off kind of harsh and sweet. The cereal killa I really like just was trying to tweek it so that the lemon and tangerine was not so harsh. I still enjoy is enough to were it I an adv for me, just was looking to enhance a recipe, the oatmeal cookie uses Fuji apple with I very apparent in the begging but starts to die down, I was looking to try add body to the cookie in it with ap. I have AP from TFA and it does not say 10% or indicate a ratio so maybe diluting it with the pg/vg ratio would help me out, this was after 1 week of steeping

If it’s TPA, it’s 5%. That is the one that I have, anyway, and I believe that is what they sell it as. It’s not essential for you to use anything, so if you don’t like it, don’t use it. You can use other things, as suggested, like hazelnut or peanut butter, or increase FA cookie, or something to that effect. Or, as you said, you can try diluting it like Amy does and see if you like it better.

FA Fuji Apple is not a really pronounced apple flavor, but it does add a kind of “juicy” quality and a nice apple hint. If you’re wanting a stronger apple flavor, you might try mixing it with another apple.

a couple of suggestions i would make are try using caramel if you want to sweeten a bakery or tobacco, or even something like a cinnamon vape i like tpa caramel original at 1 or 2%. and for fruity type vapes creams work well, my personal preference is Bavarian cream or sweet cream just use at a low percentage


That’s really a good idea using TFA Caramel Original for sweetening. I honestly never thought about it for sweetening even though I love the flavor. Thanks for the idea…

yeah but there is a lot of flavors that you can use like meringue that works well or french vanilla just try to pair it with the end flavor your going for

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I recently discovered FW Yellow Cake adds body to cookie. I always use fa cookie to enhance cake, now I know it works in reverse too.

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love fw yellow cake

I seldom use any RY4 mix without ap. It can be tricky though as a tiny bit goes a long way. I generally use it at 1 drop per 5 mls. It can take over a flavor very quickly. Its my favorite additive to bakery flavors and tobaccos. I use MTS Wizard if a tobacco flavor is too harsh, and TFA Smooth to tone down fruity flavors that are a little too bold. To demonstrate how little AP you need to use, I’ve had a 30 ml bottle since I started mixing a year ago. I will probably have to ditch it and buy fresh before I use all of it and I mix tobacco and bakery flavors a lot.