Achieving "Ice" flavours

Hi all,
Am new to vaping and regularly buy the Ice type flavours, e.g. Blueberry Ice, Strawberry Ice, etc.
Do you know what is used to create the Ice flavour.
Thanks in advance

Hi Paul. “Ice” is usually koolada. There’s also menthol but that gives a minty taste as well as the ‘cold’ feeling. Flavor West also makes a flavor called Extreme Ice that is supposed to work like koolada, but I haven’t tried it. I am allergic to koolada and can’t vape anything that contains it.


You just beat me to it :grinning:

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Many thanks for speedy response.

What that JoJo said…


Extreme Ice (FW is very much like a menthol/koolada mix. I’ve used it quite a bit.
I don’t KNOW that it has koolada in it, but it sure has that cooling effect.


Any mint taste to Extreme Ice (FW) ?

Yes indeed

I always thought it was because it had mentholated effects. mint, menthol or koolada. :slight_smile: learn something new everyday I guess. if you ever want to make your own, i’d check the average mix % on that flavor and go down a notch, you can always add, but …hard to take away

is koolada damaging the plastic tank???

I don’t think so, not according to this list anyway.