Ad-free pop ups

What is with the ad-free pop-ups? in looking up a flavor I had this pop up several times.
It is bad enough that I can no longer build my recipes on your site because video ads block what I’m doing so I use All the flavors now. very sad.
I understand you are here to make a profit. You have driven me away I wonder how many others are gone.
I like everything here. a great reference, an outstanding forum. If I have videos running over my work what’s the point? please consider these points.
Thank you. you are still a great site just tweak it a bit.


That does seems to be a bit odd. If it is massively distracting, then using a browser like Brave will help. Another way is to become a supporter of the site and they’ll be just a distant memory.

I have done both myself.


The cost of running a website like this can be expensive. Given the number of users ELR has, and the options they can make use of, it only stands to reason that donations for support are encouraged and welcomed. Popups will randomly appear to any users that have not made a donation to the site. Once a donation is made the ads (popups) go away. Unless something was recently changed that’s the way it has always been.

BTW, I’ve seen your recipes on that side and you have quite a few good ones. :blush:


@leadpipe58, have you donated to ELR for an ad free experience ??
The next time it happens, can you share a screenshot ?

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@leadpipe58, …

@TorturedZen is right. Shout out from Delaware, to Bensalem.


Donate $10 to the site and he’ll remove the ads. Just be sure to leave your log in email in the comments. I don’ haven’t donated, some days the site just freezes and I can’t use it. I love this site over ATF with a few exceptions. As follows, comments aren’t filtered so anyone can talk crap on your recipe without having even mixed it and the whole deal with flavors getting deleted. If they filtered comments like ELR and implemented some sort of way to stop incorrect entries for flavors the site would be amazing 100% of the time.