Adary's dry and boring review of the Ehpro Bachelor X

I saw that this one was already reviewed with great success by @mjag and @Dan_the_Man but I had to have a go at it since I just got one and already love it so much :slight_smile:

Let’s start off with a disclaimer. I purchased this mod for my own personal use. It wasn’t sent to me for the purpose of the review (unfortunately). Regardless of this fact, the review will be unbiased and objective as much as possible.

The Bachelor X came in a small black box, and even before opening it, I could feel how heavy it is. The box has all the standard features like the photo of the product, and the standard nicotine warning on the back.

Once open, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tank was wrapped in a little cellophane baggie. Right next to it was the bubble glass (I love those) and a yet another little black box with the goodies. Immediate let down was the obvious lack of additional drip tips, and 510 adapter. The box also contained the user manual, warranty card and a QC card.

Inside the goodie box was a baggie with three coils, another baggie with cotton (nice touch here!) and a baggie with spare o-rings, additional grub screws, and a little allen key.

Build deck of the Bachelor X is gorgeous. Fully gold plated (including the grub screws) with central airflow that sits directly under the coil. Another great touch is that the tank will take both clockwise and counter-clockwise wound coils (no more throwing out perfectly fine coils that the dyslexic Adary wound counter-clockwise)

The whole tank feels very sturdy. It’s made of stainless steel, all the machining is excellent, the threading feels very smooth, and the glass stays firmly attached to the chimney section. The way the coil is positioned, there is next to zero chance that the coil will short anywhere (unless you don’t cut the legs of the coil flush with the posts.

The build and wicking couldn’t be easier, except that to insert the coil one of the grub screws has to be removed. This might not be a problem for everyone, but folks with fat sausage fingers like me might find this to be a tad inconvenient. For wicking, the cotton should be just a tad longer than the bottom of the build platform. The wicking was so easy that even a newb like me managed to wick it properly on the first attempt.

To fill the tank, unscrew the top section, and fill it through one of the two huge kidney shaped holes. The whole fill section is neatly recessed, and it will be hard to get the juice into the chimney by mistake.

And now the most important part – The flavor. That little central airflow hole directly under the coil brings the air exactly where it needs to be. Short chimney also helps, and the flavor coming out of this tank is amazing. It can be easily compared with Lotus and Aqua reboot, and it’s definitely better than Kylin mini (these are tanks that I own and can compare to)

Overall vaping experience on the tank was very good. Flavor is top notch, build is easy, wicking is even easier. The airflow is relatively quiet, and the tank is very airy with the airflow completely open. Airflow ring has a stopper (something I tend to like) and has a good amount of resistance. Yellow drip tip that comes with the tank is a bit too short for my taste, and I replaced it almost immediately with a taller one.

Would I recommend this tank to frieds? Definitely yes. Would I get a new one if it broke? Hell yes. I love it from the first moment I tried it, and it’s already in my daily rotation.

Let’s summarize everything.

The tank:

  • 25.2mm wide
  • 43mm tall including the original drip tip
  • 3.5ml capacity (5ml with the bubble glass)
  • Bottom airflow
  • Available colors: Black, Silver (Stainless Steel)


  • Excellent flavor
  • Easy build and wicking
  • Good construction and machining
  • Large juice capacity


  • Juice guzzler (comparable to dual coil tanks)
  • No additional drip tips or 510 adapter
  • Short and slightly uncomfortable drip tip

Nicely done @adary, and since it’s been done before, now it’s been done again !!! Great pics, details, and insights, I love hearing multiple opinions on equipment. I had never hear of Ephro until a special someone turned me onto their Iguana, and since, I have had a great deal of respect for them. Very nice.


Great work! Thanks for the good read!!


Thanks @SessionDrummer and @Eddiepraysforpeace for the feedback. Much appreciated :smiley:


Nice one, now I find myself scribbling on a pad again, something that’s called a wish list?
I love the looks of that deck.


I’m sure you will love this one :slight_smile:


I’m devising a cunning plan to lose that pad and safe some money :money_mouth_face:


Great review @adary, great pics, and written review, will be on my list to do’s. I remember Ehpro way back , they have come along way, I still have some of there tanks around here somewhere !!


Thanks for the feedback @Mix_and_Hope

I also have the Billow X on the to-buy list :slight_smile:


Great review @adary , need to get a fresh build in mine and enjoy it again, fine tank for sure.


Currently my absolute favorite :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:


Awesome review, nicely illustrated too!
Thanks for the info!


Nice review! The Billow X is also very good.


Thanks man. Billow X is waiting for next month budget :slight_smile: