Add Flavors to New Recipe Idea

It would be nice if there was a checkbox you could check next to each flavor in your stash. Then you could place a check next to all the flavors you would like to use in a recipe and click “Create Recipe” to start a new recipe using those flavors. I always have to have two tabs open. One with my stash and one with my new recipe. This addition would makes things a lot easier.

Every flavor could be defaulted to 1% because it would probably need some percentage there I assume. Unless you added a percent field to use next to each flavor. That would be nice as well. Then whenever you use a flavor you have a percent set for it adds it at your normally used percentage.


This is exactly how I do it… This is a great idea! (if possible)

I’ve also been thinking of submitting a similar idea that involves the existing recipes list. I think it would be a great addition to “My Flavor Stash” if there was a checkbox where we could select a few flavors before hitting the “What can I make” button.

This would be a massive time-saver by reducing the results.

For example…
Lets say I wanna make an apple pie and have already discovered (thru trial and error) that I really like the Apple FA and Apple Pie FA pairing. If I search for “apple pie” on the recipes page, I’m gonna get 20 pages of recipes.

The checkbox would allow us to limit results to only recipes containing both Apple FA and Apple Pie FA. This function would work best with a [and / or] logic designator that could be selected by the user.

…just some additional thoughts :sunglasses:


Yes, I like those ideas! They’re on the list!


I’m thinking it should be a checkbox option on the “Search by flavor stash” :slightly_smiling:


I think if possible it would be cool on the stash page too that way you can expand the flavor to see your notes.

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Or we could get an info-icon beside the flavors to click, and see the notes like that? :smiley:


Yeah, that would be just as good :slight_smile: