Added a bunch of warnings to Flavor West

After reading A. B. Dada’s page referred to here:

I updated the ELR warning database with the flavorings in question.

TL;DR: A lot of Flavor West flavorings has corn syrup/sugar syrup/fructose/molasses in them. This is definitely not good, as toxins can form at vaping temperatures. Some are suspected of being carcinogenic.

Here is the Flavor West warning list:

And the total waning list:


Oh no!!! That really sucks!

Bummer. :scream:

Thank you ! This really sux. I’ll have to go through my stash.

Thanks and I guess I’m now happy that I don’t have any FW flavors.

They’re not all bad. The one’s that are do appear to be very bad though. Shame on them.

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We depend on a company to do things the right way. And it’s really sad that pop do this stuff and then try and hide it. Stuff like this all kill a company hands down. Thx for the good info.

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This has been an issue w/ FW from the get go w/ being dishonest. I am disappointed and frustrated. No wonder they are hiding their ingredients we would not have invested in them had we had the informed decision ahead of time.


They will be penalised through lossed revenue.


I can’t find any definitive documentation showing what you are declaring to be true. I read thru the reddit thread, read thru several of FW’s msds sheets and cannot find any acetaldehyde (fructose) anywhere in the documentation. Where is this proof? or is this still all rumor?

Update: Nevermind. I found the one on Yellow CAke finally. It’s in the sds sheet, not the msds sheet.
I’ll be looking at others too. (bites lip wondering about her precious Butter Pecan and Hazelnut)


Bearkat’s comment has SDS-sheets:

Cake (Yellow) (FW) example:

Section 3 on page 3 says: Fructose CAS 57-48-7 20-30%

The MSDS we have on ELR:
Ingredients also specify “Fructose”…


Those looked ok. :thumbsup:

First ones I checked after Yellow Cake.

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UPdate again: I dont’ see fructose in Butter Pecan and Hazelnut. whew :sweat_smile:


hahah from our chat on IRC:

[06:56.47] <LordVapor> so it looks like the bust-a-nut flavors are fructose free? [06:57.41] <daath> yep, just a bunch of acetoin :) [06:57.55] <daath> ...just the good stuff ;D hehe


Kind of amazing how many of their flavors come preloaded with EM too. Not that it’s bad, but helps to know.

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You forgot to add that I said “whew!”

Boy, that was such a relief after nearly having a heart attack LOL.

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Man, That sux. I like the Yellow Cake. I hope the FLV Cupcake Batter works out.


Hmm. So sad to here. I havnt used FW, but still sad. Then again any company can change the way they do things. Let’s hope this brings about a change in a good way.


So far the ones I own that are contaminated w/ corn syrup are as follows :frowning:

Strawberry Shortcake
Gummy Bear
Ginger Ale
yellow cake
Tres Leches
Macadamia Nut
Tiki Roar
Jack Fruit
Blackberry Mojito
Banana Split
Acai Berry


Wow… Just wow