Adding Flavors in Stash without auto-scroll

@daath I was wondering how important the function that auto-scrolls after entering a new flavor.

What I am talking about is, when you are on your flavor stash and you “add flavor” to stash, it auto-scrolls down to that flavor after you add it. I’m not sure if people like this function but if I may be so bold, it annoys the piss out of me :slightly_smiling:
Typically, when I am adding a flavor to my stash, I am adding numerous flavors. It drives me crazy that there’s a brief pause and then when I go to add the next, ZIP, all the way down the page it goes!

If it can’t/won’t be removed I think I will be ok…maybe… I’m not sure actually… come to think of it, I think this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for this relationship :wink:


On my browser it’s actually scrolling PAST the new entry by one line, which seems very silly. If this is a trivial thing to change with no reason for being the way it is, I’ll second the motion.

If it’s a big pain in the butt to change I’ll switch back to the keyboard with a working home button, but I WON’T LIKE IT. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, same here!

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It’s gone!


Well that was easy lol

Maybe it was just me - I just liked to add a flavor, then fill out the volume and price before going on to the next one… But the input is going to change soon, on the stash page - you’ll be able to input everything at once anyway :slightly_smiling:


I’ve never used those features, but that makes sense.

If you fill out volume and price, you can see which flavors in a recipe you’re missing much easier (by clicking the question mark beside the price) :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Lars!! It will cut down on time when I’m adding flavors by the dozens, hehe :wink:

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I always fill in the new flavour first, then go and fill in the price and ml straight after so I don’t get confused or forget. It would be really good if after making one of my recipes, all the flavours I used are then subtracted from the ml on my list. That way I know when to re order what flavour.
I have also noted that I can have the same flavour that someone else has on their recipe list but just because they have spelt it differently its not recognised as me having it. Is this even possible to fix?

It’s in the works. For now, you can always use the duplicate checker if you come across any repeat flavors.

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As @JoJo wrote, the dupe stuff will be fixed (or vastly improved at least) at some point.

That is also planned :slightly_smiling: