Adding flavors to regular coffee

Has anyone used the flavorings we get for vaping for adding to coffee? I was just wondering if there was any harm to adding a drop or two of maybe coconut or peach to a cup of coffee (I normally don’t drink flavored coffee but thought what the hell…)

It is definately worthwhile.

A few drops of Brandy Flavour is delicious in coffee.

My wife and I use my flavours to flavour baked cupcakes for the kids, we made ginger bread men with added DDL flavouring.

Caramel would also be great with coffee as too would any nut flavours.

A lot of folks use our flavours to flavour water too.

@JoJo or @Alisa don’t you guys flavour your water with flavour drops?


I use capellas one 1-2 drop per Fl oz its pretty tasty . Great for flavoring home made ice cream too.:slight_smile:

Hazelnut is good.

I’ve used strawberry for milk :smile:

Yup. I’ve used Cap’s Juicy Orange and Juicy Grapefruit in water. I’ve used some Hazelnut, blueberry, coconut, and salted caramel in coffee before. I use Cap’s Pumpkin Pie (Spice) mostly in coffee because it makes all my vapes taste awful no matter how little I use. I’ve used the Madagascar Vanilla (FA) in coffee but it’s too expensive to use regularly so I just use vanilla extract. :stuck_out_tongue: I put some spearmint in my daughter’s water when she wasn’t feeling well and she loved it…I think it helped with the nausea a little. Oh, I put the Cap Pumpkin Spice in pudding (butterscotch or smores) and it makes the pudding taste just like pumpkin pie. I’ve used banana and strawberry in cream of wheat and oatmeal.

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