Adding NIC later after a steep

What are your thoughts on this??!! I’ve always mixed my nic in from the beginning, but thought I’d ask isnthere any benefit to adding it in after if a steep is needed. Thx!!


Unless I’m mixing stones/bases, I add NIC from the beginning.


I’ve tried mixing in nic later. The result was confusion if I didn’t then notate when I got around to adding it, ie I’d do it in a hurry to get out of the house, not write it down, then not remember. That may sound silly but I have 2-3 liters of juice at all times in about 20 recipes. So, add it at mix and forget about it. Unless I make a one-shot, of course.


Answers my question. Thank you gentlemen!! Enjoy Derby Day!! #longshots


I do have some recipes that I mix in 960ml bottles to steep. Those I do not add nic so it can last as long as possible without oxidizing. I can then add nic to a 100ml bottle and pour in the steeped juice and it is good to go.

That’s the only time though, I always add nic if I know I will kill off that bottle within a year or less.


I use to do this , but at that time I was stuck on Clear Liquids lmao…I dont find it necassary at all . Its just one of those subjective things lol…I think I have used that word ( subjective ) more times since I have veen vaping the rest of my entire life…


Personally, if it’s a blend or pairings I know well, then I’ll add the nicotine first. (I can easily forget too or just screw up my notes). If it’s got pairings I’ve never tried before, then I’ll add nicotine after: I may want to make it peppery, a tad more acidic or make the nicotine as subtle as possible and I can make that change with my choice of nicotine.


That’s a good point. The most I ever mix of any recipe is 180 ml so it doesn’t last more than 2 months.


I’ve always done Flavors 1st (swirly)->PG 2nd(swirly->VG (shake 2 min then knuck test-> Nic always added last and vigorous, like it owes me money, shaking!


I do like @mjag If I have a large batch I leave it nic free until I’m ready to use about 100mls or less of it. I’ve had large bottles go bad just because I forgot about them.


Good point on batching @muth. Pre-steeping large batches should typically be NIC free, that way they can steep with no oxidation, and NIC can be added further down the line. :slight_smile:


I don’t do a lot of big batches like 120ml and above. I mostly mix 15-30ml bottles and mix up 15-30 bottles at one time.

I add in flavors, pg, and vg…set aside, then mix the next recipe. Once every mix is done I distribute nic to each bottle by weight and double check a couple times the measurement of nic in the syringe.

This allows time for the nic to warm up. And just before I add nic I shake up the bottle really good.


I just chuck the nic in first on all my mixes, even the 500ml ones that steep for 3 months. Don’t get any bitterness or off tastes, they just go a bit darker over time. They are left in a cool dark draw to steep though if that makes a difference.