Adding nic to Retail no nic e-juice

I recently was gifted a substantial quantity of no nic Retail e-juice. I want to add nic to it. I have 100mg Nic VG based, the flavours are all 30mL and are full. How do I determine the quantity of Nic to add to each bottle to have an end product at 3mg?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Add .9 ml of your 100mg nic to 29.1 ml of your non nicotine juice. Or .3 ml of the 100mg nic per 10 ml of the 0 nic. E-juice.

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Next time you can just click create recipe and fill our the relevant fields and just look at how much nicotine you should add :smile:

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Wouldn’t they also need to remove the ml’s of the Nic from the recipe from the 0nic liquid.

For example.
30ml of non Nic juice would require approx 1ml of Nic to reach 3mg.

Wouldn’t they need to remove 1ml of non Nic juice and then add 1ml of Nic to reach their 3mg?

Or do you think the difference would be negligible?



Yes, very true. Ideally you’d have to remove it to be precise, but if you’re mixing 3 mg, then the difference of 100 mg nicotine to add would be something like 0.04g, so I’d say you were alright :smile: