Adding nicotine to pre-made ejuice

hello everyone.

i have some ejuice from vapecraft which i like a lot. i only vape 6mg nicotine which maybe low for some but it does the job for me.

well, i just obtained a 120ml “New York Cheesecake” and its only 3mg nicotine.

I have nicotine which is 100mg 50/50 from a friend and would like to know what the equation is to add to make this 120ml a 6mg.

also, what if i wanted to add to something else like for instance another 3mg and make it 9mg. (30ml)

You can use the ELR calculator to help out here. :grinning:

Just plug in the amount of juice you want to make or want to modify, add the Nic level you wish to add to the mix and there you go! :wink:


Well, then there’s always the way I used to do it…

Buy 120 ML of 12 MG Mix it with the 120 ML of 0 MG and you have 6 MG.

It’s what I did before sub ohm and before I made my own liquid.

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how much time is needed for the new nicotine thats added to mix before vaping? or can it be vaped immediately?

just shake it up good and you can vape it

It will probably mellow a little with time as the nicotine starts to oxidize. But like miss @Anonymiss said shake it real good. I was once told to shake with one hand until it feels like your arm is going to fall off then do the same with the other hand and then repeat two more times.

I did the same thing. LOL. When I wanted to come down from 18mg/ml nic, I bought a 12 and an 18, so I could make a 15. Later went to 12. Now I am at 3. Took 5 years of vaping to “come down”, but I’m really happy I did.