Adding smoke?

Has anyone ever tried to add natural smoke flavour to their mix?
I think it would add something to alcohol or tobacco based recipes?
You can get hand held smokers for the kitchen like this one.

Just a thought?

FA Black Fire Tobacco

The ‘smoke’ flavor is so potent, I never could find the tobacco in it.

Start low…really low, with it.

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INW smoke and prunes. Very potent too so use with care.

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@ d_tabes. @Josephine_van_Rijn
Was aware of those flavourings although I was thinking along the lines of adding our own smoke flavour with the help of these machines.
The smoke flavour profiles could be very interesting?
You could use your favourite tea, dried fruit, wood of your choice etc the pros abilities could be endless?
Imagine a custard infused with smoked jasmine tea and apple?

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Oh! My mistake for not checking out the Smoking Gun, itself. Put the hose in a container of steeping juice, like a fish tank aerator.

I can also see it being a big party hit, with certain herbs.

Sorry, 1972 woke up there, for a moment.


Cheech and Chong moment! Lol


This Smoking Gun sounds good …so long as it doesnt make you’re juice taste like Labrador, man!..haha!
Seriously though, thats a good idea …well, it seems like a good idea .Dont see why it wouldnt work.
If you do anything with this @Chewy, I’ll be very interested to hear how you go!

Thanks VT
Yeah it does sound as though it has potential, especially if used to per flavour the VG or PG beforehand.
I have been looking at adding a slight flavour profile to a base liquid in perpetration to mixing?
I haven’t got a smoke gun as of yet but I am sure there could be chefs here who have access to this equipment that could carry out an experiment?
Another thought was to set aside some VG with a few vanilla pods submerged in it to impart a natural vanilla flavour.

I realize this is not what you’re thinking, coz there’s no smoke involved…but I was wondering if you’d seen this…

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