Adding steeped bases to recipes?

Trying to figuring out incorporate a steeped base into a recipe. I make 100ml bases of 12% 20/80 6mg Cap VC V1 that I like to steep for 6-8 weeks. Does the calculator on here have some function for using a base like this into a recipe with other flavorings? Any other methods that would work?

I would like to use this base with other fruit flavorings but I don’t want those fruits to steep as long as the VC. Thanks for any suggestions!

Not sure . But app I use on my android tablet.

A set my zero nic premixed as filler

So my recipe for adding nic is


Not done it yet but going to set one up for one shots once I get more 60 mill bottles.

One shot

I bought the pro version


Thanks! I’ll check it out. Thinking that the next bases I make won’t include nicotine so that it can be calculated in whatever recipe I’m making…

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With that ap you could add you base as a Nic Base and set all the pg vg ratios

Edit : some flavors even thou I have them premixed . Once I add nic they need to sit a few days or a week

I also have the pro version… I really need to update the ingredient list in mine, I haven’t played with it in awhile.

Great app!
I like the whole package for all things vaping with the Vape Assistant.

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