Adding vg to nic salt

So I accidentally bought some 10 ml bottles of Nic Salts, and BB I was wondering if I can mix vg into them so I can run them in my Smok TFV12 coil… salvageable or just throw away?
Thank you


BB? Blueberry? Anyway yes you can dilute the salts with vg.


Bb was typo, thank you for the reply. Is actually a blueberry custard and a strawberry slushy. H$&@ ( not sure if we can say company name) has a bunch of clearance bottles I was gonna try.
Was going to mix 50/50 so I don’t dilute flavor too much
Again thank you


No reason why you can’t say the company name.

In fact, you’re welcome to share the website and the details of the sale on the Good Deals 2020 thread, if you’re up to it… :+1::smile:


Lol it’s just HALO clearance bin . 10 ml bottles for $1-2. A lot of pg based and obviously nic salts too so watch what you buy!
Thank you


As mentioned before…yup. You can dilute down to a more acceptable nic level to use in a sub ohm tank…just keep in mind that when adding your vg or pg you are also diluting the flavor.

The flavor may still be fine and you will only know if you do it.

That being said just use a diy calculator…like the one on the resources side of elr. If you have a 10ml bottle of halo that is 40 mg…then enter 40 mg/ml as the nic value and then input your desire result like 6mg/ml.