Additives for Tobacco/Cigarette mixes

For the past few years I’ve been experimenting with tobacco and cigarette style mixes, all in an effort to offer those smokers I meet with, something a little closer or representative of the flavor/experience.

We’re all aware that cigarettes have a lot of common and or enjoyable tasting additives. By adding some of these to either our tobacco or cigarette mixes, I believe we get just a tad closer; if not offering a richer vape with a little more character.

The most common additives I use are as follows -
Coffee, Chocolate, Oak Wood, Nuts, Vinegar, Rum, Vanillin, Sour, Creams and AP. One must mix a batch larger than 30 ml however, generally I do a 50 or 120 ml batch.

Experiment with these flavors and remember to start out low. Anywhere from 0.25 %.

For those that wish to read the whole post on the site - additives-for-cigarette-tobacco-mixes/


Good stuff there Charles. I use several of the flavorings you suggest on your blog and am just beginning to experiment with vinegar. Yes, I remain a tobacco man, just one who no longer finds combustion to be user friendly. As a former pipe smoker with an almost embarrassing large stash of cellared tobacco, I make my own NET concentrates in a myriad of varieties, so what you are advocating of course fits that process well. Onward, toward the grail!


Thanks jimmyd, Hope someone with less experience gets some benefit. That’s some heavy duty mixing you’re into, good for you!


The Vapers Table was one of those sites I hit a couple of years back myself… soooo much good info there; it really helped me out in the pairing department! :sunglasses:

I’m in the same boat as @jimmyd, however, on occasion I do mix a hybrid with synth flavors to bring out a top coat dressing on a cased tobacco and make it :boom:pop​:boom: a bit more.

Good reading for anyone, actually! :wink: Kudos to you and Megan for creating such a wonderful resource!


I haven’t made any tobacco juices, but had planned on it awhile back. One product I purchased (but never tried) was DNB I believe it was suppose to provide that ashy taste that tobacco smoking gives.

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I just started mixing 2 months ago. I made 10ml batches of Burley (FA) Cowboy Blend (FA) Desert Ship (FA) and Western (Cowboy) (TPA) at the median % single flavor. I did a 10 minute sonic cleaner, cheap weak $20 machine, daily. At 4 weeks they all tasted like perfume. The burley tasted most like tobacco. I added 0.5% AP and they all actually lost that perfume taste. Not spectacular on their own but I was encouraged.
I then tried adding Black Fire (FA) or Dark Vapure (FA), at median recipe %. They were like licking an ashtray. Then the one nobody uses, Flash (FA). Having learned my lesson on recommended %s, I started with 1 drop per 10ml. It added that peppery bite that was missing.
Now for the successes. I use the tobaccos at a total of 90% of the median single flavor. If I want a 3/4 Western and !/4 burley blend, thats 3/4 the 90% and 1/4 the 90% respectively. I like the Nut mix because it just gives a nutty impression where the specific nuts even in weak amounts seem to dominate the flavor. Coconut works really well too, and seems to blend a little better with the creams. For the creaminess I like Catalan Cream (FA), you get creamy, a little spice, and some tart citrus bite. If a flavor is overpowering the others I add smooth or vape wizard and give it another week and re-taste it before i change the mix.
I’m still looking for something better to add the peppery bite.


Thank you Kinnikinnick for your kind words.