Adjust a recipe by WEIGHT

Hello again everybody.

I just made my second DIY liquid so far (both are single-flavor, just getting the hang of it).
I am using the weight method with a very accurate scale.

In both cases, since I don’t have the best tools for the job yet (read - just ordered two squeeze bottles for my PG and VG bases, but so far I only poured them straight from the bottle) and what I got into the final bottle was slightly different from what was in the calculated recipe. Like no more than a quarter gram, but on a 30ml bottle it might be relevant for what I can imagine.

So I tried to adjust my recipe; I wanted to specify what actual grams/fractions of grams I did put in the bottle, rather than the recommended values.
So to save it as a reference exactly “as I made it”.

But I couldn’t find how.
Is it possible? If not, might this be a feature that could be added in the future?

BTW I am about to become a donor since I realize that since I keep posting feature request I ought to put some investment in this site. :wink:



Hi Febs,
I have done that too, and so that I could preserve a record of exactly what I mixed up (by mistake)
I make a copy of the recipe, and call the one I actually mixed by a different version name, I then jiggle the percentages so that they show what I actually put in, not what I should have put in


When I’ve had a little “mistake” like that, I just write the difference in grams in the notes of the receipt. That way I am able to find both the wanted receipt and the actual receipt at the same place.


@CosmicTruth has made a calculator that may help , am i right ComicTrurh


Feel free to share this link

Thanks for the free advertisement


If i knew hownto link from this tablet i would have lol my lap top was destroyed by the baby


Yup. It would be cool if it would be possible to do that by adjusting the grams rather than fiddling with the percentages until you get it right. :slight_smile:

Thanks, ciao

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Those pesky babies! I’d send it through college, make him get a job, and buy you a new one :slight_smile:

I just tare an empty bottle on my scale, then weigh the half used bottle, then the scale is showing the volume in grams of your half used bottle. Then you can use my calculator to calculate an accurate (somewhat) adjustment. You still need to keep notes and don’t forget to update your ELR recipe to reflect the changes. Have fun and let me know if you find my calculator useful. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the spreadsheet @CosmicTruth . I had a bit of an accident when mixing last night when flavouring (I call it a squeeze and sneeze incident), and this will really help me try and fix it.

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Ugh that’s happened too many times to me!

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Cosmic’s calculator is also available on my site:

More scripts coming very soon.


It looks like the domain is unregistered right now. Are you publishing your scripts somewhere else?

Thank you! :smiley:

Feel free to share this link for CosmicJuiceCalculator

But you can also adjust the flavor percents in ELR


Unfortunately I had to take the site down try out @CosmicTruth 's calc :+1:

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Sorry to hear, I’m letting one go also. Luckily those cosmic spreadsheets are on the cloud.