% adjustment help

So I bought a flavour concentrate (pre mixed). I’ve given up on trying to clone it. The recommended amount is 19%. Mixed at 30/70 pg/vg it’s pretty bland. I think it should be 50/50. So the question is what is the correct way of adjusting the already made concentrate to 50/50. I don’t want throw away the juice already made. Any thoughts.

You have to add more PG but that will drop the flavor amount.
If you have 100ml of 30-70 that meen that you have 30ml PG and 70ml VG so you need an other 40ml PG to make it 50-50. That will decrease the flavor from 19% to about 13.5%… Hope that helps

if you have enough to make an equal size batch make one at 70pg 30vg and mix the two together. That will give you 50/50. If not, how much do you have left and what size bottle did you make already?


Yeah I thought that but it doesn’t solve the flavour %. Thanks.

I might give this a go. Thanks.

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Thr is a tab to combin 2 mixed juics of diffring nic/pg/vg to calculat th rsulting ratios (+e)
sorry for th missing "e"s my keyboard is broken

plas tll m if you have problems accessing th spreadsheet, i accidentally had it up for months before i realized no one could ntr data.