Advice for starting with CBD juices?

I’ve been mixing for a few years now and have a juice line in being sold by store-front, but I have been asked several times about getting into CBD, I’m US based and need to know if anyone would be willing to share their secrets in helping me get this started. I need a crash course on how to dilute it, what measurements to use as well as a trusty supplier. Any and all help would be appreciated. Any information you may need to answer feel free to ask and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.


PM’d you, @Max24

I wish you the best in your endeavors!!

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I have also been mixing for about a year now and have a small lineup of flavors. I haven’t approached any businesses as I didn’t get into mixing for profit. Just wanted to see if I could do it, save some $$ not buying commercial juices, and know what’s in the juices I’m vaping. I recently have been super curious about CBD juices but everything I’m finding online isn’t quite helping me figure out what to do. My questions are exactly the same as the OP. Just looking for a little guidance from someone who’s got the experience along with a trusted supplier. Thanks in advance!