Advice for UP (Coffee) (FA) and Cappuccino (Italian Relax) (FA)?

I can’t get these to work for me at or around the recommended percent, maybe I’m not using enough for me. They smell great but I can’t get the smell to turn into good flavor lol. Any experiences or tips?


What is the final taste you want?


Hmm, I love coffee vapes and have quite a few coffee flavors but those two I do not have, sorry. Have you searched the recipe side for some ideas? I have seen them used in mixes.

ETA: It’s near impossible for the vape and the smell to be as one. Wish it were so. Also, the finger lick is often terrific but not simpatico with the vape, necessarily.


I know this may seem like a trolly reply but have you let them steep? Coffee flavors tend to need a while to shine… @muth can give you an idea of a typical steep time for coffees… It’s her fave I think…


Just one of my faves. Coffee steeping depends on what else is in it. Most peeps like milk or cream in their coffee or caramel/vanilla, etc. Those will require steep time. Hybrid coffee flavors will need more time than a singular flavor black coffee. In my experience.


I use UP up to 0.75% in my recipes and it needs time to steep.
I made a praline and was surprised to not get any coffee note after 2 weeks and another 2 weeks later it was there.


I normally let my coffee recipes steep for at least a month and sometimes more when using N.E.T coffee flavours. I remember trying a coffee recipe after a fortnights steep and thought that it didn’t have much of a coffee flavour so I made the mistake of adding some more concentrate, the next time I tried it was at about a months steep time and it was far too strong and distorted so I learned my lesson there. I think coffee recipes are a bit like the tobacco and custard recipes in that they need more time to mellow out and blend properly.


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Wow, that would have freaked me out. May I ask which coffee and which praline did you use?


I am traveling and try to send it to you in the next days.


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