Advice Needed.. Looking to run TC mode on my VT75

I am looking to run my VT75 in TC mode and require some assistance.

Does anyone know a good setup for TC mode on the VT75?

What wire can I use for TC mode? SS316L??

Is there a preferred OHM?

All other information related to TC mode would be much appreciated, thanks

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SS316L 3mm id 6wrap 24g dual coil slightly spaced is what I have on my vt75.

the ohm range doesn’t seem to matter on the DNA boards, but try and keep it under 40w or the battery life sucks with a 26650

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@anon88729607 pretty much covered it.

I do not have a VT75 yet but I would think it will work very much like my VT133.

My preferred coil for a single coil build is 24g SS316L 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 wraps on 3mm bit spaced coil. Something like this.

Next thing was finding the best settings in e-scribe to work for me. I used the SS316 included in the software and set the 2 options circled in red as seen in the picture.

Hope this helps.

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I have ultimately gone back to Kanthal at 0.3 ohm dual coils @ 42.5w as that is my preference.

But I enjoyed tinkering with the Escribe software on my Hcigar VT75 Nano and found this site useful
djlsbvapes started off by downloading the profiles in the Power Mode, NI, TI, 304SS, 316lSS and Tungsten Profiles: he provides and work on DNA75 devices

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Ok, I have taken the plunge, .43 ohm SS316L 5 wraps 2.5ID in my KF5 Clone using these settings:

Every vape I take, every button press I make, I’ve been missing you…

Its perfect! So consistent… :smile:


Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!

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Yes sir that is the joy that I found with the DNA mods. I was one of the hold outs on trying them but after I got my first one I was sold on them 100%

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I took the atty off to check something, put it back on and it asked “is this new?” I pressed yes, not really thinking it would matter, fired it and BLAM! The worst burnt hit ever! It was like vaping bonfire smoke… :confused:

Rewicked it and turned the temp down to 170, then slowly ramped it back up to 410 and its working perfect again

Any time you remove the atty you have to let it get to room temperature again or if nothing on your build was changed answer No and see if it vapes the same.

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Oh, so it assumes its a fresh coil that is cool already?

Yes Sir because answering yes resets the base line resistance so the vape gets HOT

If I remove the atty but don’t change the build I always answer NO and it goes right back to vaping the same as before.

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Thanks, its such a good vape, instant vape too, I cant believe I didnt try it sooner

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btw, there was an update for escribe when i used it earlier… Maybe I was late to the party

Version 1.2 SP5.2

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I just did it a couple days ago myself. One of the things I really like about E Scribe is it checks for updates automatically so the first time you open it after a new update comes out all you have to do is hit install and let it do it’s thing.

There is a learning curve but everyone here is more than willing to help out if and when you need it.

I was slow to jump on the DNA train myself but now that I have they are the only mods I use. All of my other mods have either been passed along or put up just in case.


The best part is, I won this VT75 in a comp on this forum… :smile:


Cool You got to love that.

I have the worst luck in the world. If I bought every raffle ticket except 1 I would still not win the raffle

I am going to order my first VT75 very soon. I like the way they feel in the hand and since I am a fairly low wattage user I think the single battery will work fine for me.

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The Hcigar VT75 is ok but it has one issue, the frame isnt very strong and is forced down by the battery, I posted a pic somehwere on here but cant find it…

I thought there was an adjustment screw on the battery cover to be able to adjust for different length batteries.

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Yep, there is but it doesnt seem to matter what you do, the frame bends down and gaps slightly…

The frame is a C shape but doesnt have a brace so it bends… (see incredibly detailed diagram below)

     ###### << The bend..

Interesting but this is the first time I have read about this. I wonder if others are having this issue. I have only held one at a shop and it did not have a battery in it.