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Advice on staight spearmint


Hi there I’m sure there’s already been post on this flavor I have 2 batches under my belt now both singles and this is the third I’m going to be working on for another person.
I read a post where someone had a bad experience with spearmint coming out bitter I intend on doing a 30PG 70 VG mix at 6Mg strength.
My flavor is (FW) spearmint,now its my understanding 15% is as high as I want to go with this.
But I’m wandering if I might want to add some sweetener that I have made by Flavor Apprentice?
I need to add this is going to be a 60 ML size batch.


Not sure which you have but I would not go to 15%. The max used % is quite often the amount used in a one shot or a stone. I must confess I don’t have either flavour so I am really not qualified properly to answer in regards to FW, however as a general usage spearmint is quite strong and I doubt that 15% would be a pleasant vape but as I said grain of salt.


@woftamvhitcthe nail on the head or whatever that saying is. Way tooo much Batman. Granted. I don’t have the fw version but would recommend starting way lower.

Not knowing what you have to work with…-and this may still be way too strong.

Spearmint fw 3.5%
Vanilla of your choice 0.75%
Cream of your choice 0.5-1%
The above is just a test for you and should only tell you how you react to the spearmint. Some folks like me a very sensitive and can use way less.

If you have a choice of another brand I would recommend spearmint flv. I find it so good I don’t need to get one from another vendor. And yes…I have a few minty mixes combo’d with hints of vanilla and fresh cream fa. All of which provides a light vanilla cream with a punch of spearmint.


O.K. went to the place I got this from (FW) claims a 15-20 % usage rate well that is just way up there,so I’m going to try a 6% at the highest I found some recipes for the very stuff I want to make I’ll have to adapt them of course for my nicotine etc
Chrispdx was dead on with that for sure,and I do not need to use the (TPA) sweetener.
I noticed that this spearmint by (FW) is a VG base instead of PG,I’m not sure but I thought flavors did not do well based in VG?
So thanks for the the advice I’m sure glad I asked before going with a 15%:grin:


I don’t think FW do any vg based flavours are you sure it isn’t premixed?