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Advice, tips n tricks


I’d planning on having a go at a Black Forest Gateau recipe. So far i’m thinking of using -
Double chocolate.
Whipped cream.
Sweet cream.
Buttercream frosting.
Yellow cake.
Any advice or knowledge from people into their cake/dessert recipes would be welcome as i’m new to DIY and this will be my first attempt at something ‘big’

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Cherry is a super tough flavour to cut your teeth on.

There are only a few worth having and maybe the best of them is inw cherries (not cherry make sure if you are buying it to get the plural). Flv chocolate deutch is a pretty complete rich chocolate mud cake with hints of coconut.

JIC you were looking to buy flavours for your project (if you don’t already have them)


Yes, flavour advice is something I need. Being new to the game any pointers on who does the best versions of the ingredients is most welcome.
I figured the cherry aspect would probably be the most difficult to get right.


Black Forest Cake Recipe :
Filling. ½ cup Kirsch (cherry liquor)** ½ cup unsalted butter. 3 cups confectionary (icing/powdered) sugar. ¼ cup espresso. …
Icing. 2 cups heavy whipping cream. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. 1/8 cup Kirsch. 2 tablespoons powdered milk. …
Toppings: ½ cup dark chocolate shavings. Handful of dark cherries. Sprinkle of icing sugar.



This will be a tough one. I tried finding the thread, but yes, it’s somewhere. The thread I’m think of had a lot of great ideas buried within. @woftam @Amy2 @Pro_Vapes @Ken_O_Where where did that thread get off to?


That’s pretty much what I want to replicate. I know what goes into an edible gateau, it’s the vapable version I need help with.


You mean this one?


Some Cherry Liqueur will be good in that.


Splendid. I will have a read through. Thanks.


Many tried and many failed over the years. Even I have many attempts but never 100%. The flavors out there, are just not authentic enough, and while some people are happy with attempts that are close, for me as a German that’s just not good enough :frowning:

I don’t want to discourage anyone, but it definitely will be a fun and interesting thread to watch lol


If you google a recipe for “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” you’ll find out that it’s basically just a sponge dough with a little bit of cocoa, whipped cream and depending on the recipe they sometimes make a filling made from whipped cream and cherries (usually the darker, more sour variation). And cherries on top of course. Oh and some “Kirschwasser”, basically a clear 40% cherry schnaps.
Edit: You’re not using fresh cherries but kinda “pickled” cherries which are cooked with lots of sugar and some lemon juice and sometimes some alcohol.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte images


The hardest part of this recipe (besides the chocolate) might be…

The Gold covered cherry on top :point_up:


Yea you would think that, but trust me after you’ve done hundreds of attempts that gold cherry (which is not even on a original most of the times) would be a walk in the park lol

Getting these damn layers correct and a cherry that tastes authentic and not watery snow cone syrup or/and medicine is already a tough thing. Now find a accurate chocolate and try the shaved part, without you turning it into a weird tasting chocolate cake. The cream another problem, because you don’t want plastic icing or buttercrram, neither do you want vanilla heavy etc.

That golden cherry is more reachable :wink:

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I think this recipe could be a good base to reach the black forest cake. because when I vaporize this juice, it reminds me of this cake, but without the cherry flavor … :wink:

I take it to thank and congratulate or @Pro_Vapes for this magnificent juice! :+1:


Take out the strawberry, throw in some MF cherries (black or morello?) and you’re nearly good to go :smiley:

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Too true @eStorm !
While the cake sponge base and creams are “fairly” not saying easy to do, but can be achieved, the Chocolate and Cherry layers are tough ones as @woftam said , even worst if you tasted “the real thing” and want to compare it.

I’d guess more then a month steeping to realize you’re not even close… it’s an hard 1 :sweat:


Not to dampen your enthusiasm, but you might want to start with a Hostess Twinkie first since you’re so new to DIY. As said above the only harder flavor to get to match your imagined experience than Chocolate is Cherries. I mean, don’t you already have a preconceived notion of what this perfect e-juice will taste like? Hitting that mark is all of our challenge.

Serious about the Twinkie recipe suggestion. The Journey is about layering your successes. Just mastering some simple Whippey Cake Juices could be months …and you need vapable juice always. Best of luck! DIY is very exciting!

That old thread was a great one! Good lookin’ out @Josephine_van_Rijn !


You’re not dampening my enthusiasm, any advice or experience is welcome. I think you’re right. Master a simple creamy cake (probably not simple), experiment with adding chocolate to that, leave the cherries until i’ve perfected the previous two. :grinning:
By the way, I have absolutely no idea what a Twinkie should taste like!!!


That’s a blessing :wink: It’s just a very vanilla sponge cake with a whipped marshmallow(fake) creme center. “Twinkie” may be a good search term however when hunting up some recipes


Maybe 0.1ml Goldschlager? :wink: