Advices of purchasing e-cigarette batteries

Battery is the power of an e-cigarette, providing electronic to atomizer to evaporate oil by heating coil.
The most common used battery for e-cigarette is 18650 battery. There are two types of battery in general: Capacity and Power. It is easy to understand that type of capacity battery is big enough to store electronic and has the endurance capacity. Type of power battery has a large output current, capacity is relatively small. It is always a contradictory relationship between capacity and output current. Nowadays 18650 battery is hard to output high current but with big capacity because of the current technology.

If an unsuitable battery was used, for example, high output current battery matches with a common big resistance atomizer, it is really a function waste. While a capacity battery matches a low resistance atomizer, the battery will be broken down, even dangerous.
With the growing development of e-cigarette technology, more and more people use box mod. And vapors draw a lower attention on battery than the mechanical times, for the function of electronic host’s short current protection and step-down protection, which makes users needn’t worry about the properties of the battery any more. However, when using high power electronic host, it may not reach the highest power if using an unsuitable battery. So it is also necessary for vapors to have a good knowledge of something about battery.
Some brand batteries active in the field of electronic cigarette:

  1. Panasonic, BE,BF, is main of big capacity.
  2. Sony, VTC4, is famous for its discharging properties.
  3. Samsung, 25R, is main of high power.
  4. LG, HE4, is also main of high power.
    Of course, besides these brand batteries, many more cost-effective batteries are always be the best choice of vapors. Such as AW, Tesiyi, Efest and so on.
    Most of them are able to support 0.2 Ω resistance and sustain 70w output power at the discharge current 25A.
    Advices of purchasing e-cigarette batteries:
    The first is the useful, another is discharge current.
    The last but not least, never put much more pressure to your settings. The greater the pressure, the greater rate of accident happened. So safety is always the most first thing to think about.