Advken Ohm Ega (TRW)

This tank is not for me. It’s been built 3x. I will clean with vodka and ship in original packaging. I’m open to trading for pretty much anything including juice and flavors. Ive never had a custard that I really “got” so if you’ve got a good custard, maybe some Flavorah or One on One flavors, any flower flavors and most tobaccos. 22ga Ti…whatever you got. Just let me know.

So, what are it’s issues? Just curious…:thinking:

Ah, well, as far as I know I am the only one that feels this way. I know that @quitter1 is pretty big on this tank. Using hemp wick it is a lot like the aromamizer in that the coil holes are far from the build deck and the resulting long wicks must also turn a rather sharp corner to get to the juice reservoir. I never could figure out how to get it to wick properly. I ended up building it with some 20ga Ti as a single coil, huge diameter that spit between the posts. . .but single coil just doesnt do it for me.

@Pro_Vapes and Quitter1 where both happy with it last I checked though. It’s not quite a velocity deck as there is only one hole in each. Come to think of it @SthrnMixer has a build as well.

My vape bag is at capacity with attys and this one is just not to my liking. Since a lot of folks do seem to like it I thought I’d just throw it out there. . .I mean I would gladly trade you for one of your tobacco juices for instance, but I’m open to whatever and whomever might be interested. I’d like to see it go to a good home.

If I can’t trade it, I just bought some cotton bacon v2 out of curiosity so I might wick it up with that.


Just had a look at one online and I think I’ll pass. But I hope you find a taker!

I’m doing the same thing with my Smok TFV4 mini… Perhaps there’s someone with an unloved RTA or RDA they would be willing to trade. :smirk:

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Cant imagine youd have a hard time getting rid of that tank. Were it not a Smok product I’d pick it up just to use up the extra coils I have kicking around.

I’ve bumped the trade listing several times, but no takers here; I’m about to put it on EBay.

I might be interested in that mini…not sure what you would like, not sure what I would let go of, lol…
You wanna cthulhu v1?

Unless you like drippers…I gotta bunch of them that haven’t seen any use lately.

Lemme chew on that a bit. I like my V1 a bunch, but the V2 I like better; trying to get away from bottom fill style atomizers. :wink:

I’ll chew on the RDA thing too; since I got my Noisy Cricket, I’ve been happy with my Velocity on top so far. That mod definitely needs an RDA with some room in the top cap; it’s a very satisfyingly, violent firing, mod! :smiling_imp:

I have 3 velocities, assorted colors…I could come off one…

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I’ll claim it. Let me get back with you tomorrow with my offer.


I didn’t see that you’d opened it up to things other than the Cthu in trade. Just posted an offer. I think it’s a pretty weak offer, so no worries if you aren’t interested.


If SthrnMixer doesn’t take it my buddy would be very happy to have it. I will send you a bottle of FA Almond and a bottle of FA Raspberry and some juice to try if you want. I mistakenly bought a duplicate bottle of these flavors so they are brand new 30ml.

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That sounds like a good deal. I was just doing my inventory of tanks and such along with mods. And while I did finally fall in love the the Ohmega, I actually have too many tanks as it is, not to mention the Griffin that’s on its way. I’m going to back out of it and you help your friend. :thumbsup:


You had first dibs man. And I just noticed yours went to shit on you. I thought because you already had one you were just trying to help take it off his hands. You go ahead. I can offer up these flavors and some juice in another thread and trade for a tank.

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I had one. I got tired of fooling with it and traded it off. Then a buddy sent me one. So I tried it again and finally figured it out. Now I really like it but as I said I have too many tanks as it is. Please, get this for your friend. I would rather like to see it go to someone who needs something when I’'m sitting here flush with equipment.


Works for me. I have those flavors but FA raspberry is a Fave. PM me your address if still interested and I’ll get it cleaned up and put together. I’ll send you some hemp if you would like.

You guys can back out too, no worries. I understand. These are not formal negotiations lol.

I sent you an email