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Sadly, Doug, at least in my little backwoods town, I know more than the local vape shops. I say that because I’ve had one of the shops here ask me how to get a mod to turn back on that wasn’t working and he worked there (it was a simple matter of plugging the mod into his computer and updating the firmware). I had an experienced vaper with me on the cellphone when I walked in and she told our shop owner exactly what I needed and remember this was back in 2015. Eleaf iStick 30, areotank, and 18 mg eliquid.

Shops today (and I know there is probably going to be an argument over this but saying it anyway because it’s how I see it) are pushing sub-ohm tanks on new people because they suck up juice like a freight train and that means more money for them in sales of eliquid, and very few carry high nicotine eliquid in 50/50 for mouth to lung usage, which was how I was able to quit. You’re going to hear people say but I quit with a sub ohm, and yes it does happen, BUT, I would have never been able to quit that way. Many people I’ve talked to walked away from vaping because of that open/airy flow and I got them to try again with mouth to lung and it worked.

The tight draw from a mouth to lung tank (which somewhat mimics the tight draw of a cigarette), along with the higher nicotine level both worked so well for me. I moved on to a sub ohm tank later because my lungs were able to handle that (I have COPD) but if that had been my only option? I’m pretty sure I would have kept smoking until it killed me. My wattage on that mtl device … 21w and it worked.


@authormichellehughes, I was able to adjust my airflow to the point it felt like the cigarette. I couldn’t have anything shaped like a cigarette in my hand. The small 50mg salt nic unit I got scorched the roof of my mouth and within 2 weeks I had gone through 3-4 boxes? of pods because they wouldn’t stop leaking.

I didn’t have a choice either. I had to get used to the mod/tank system because after not being able to eat much more than mush for a week while the roof of my mouth healed, I was petrified to go back (and the vape shop totally recommended that one to me over all the others they sold because it was the most expensive). I buy LNW juice now. It was recommended by a guy in the Mall who was a traveling vape salesman.

I told him about the Zero thing or Hero thing (I don’t remember what it was called now) and he told me I was smart to trash it. He gave me several websites to look at and LNW was one. I started with the 18mg nic level. It took me 3 days to change over. I won’t lie, I wanted that feeling of a cigarette in my hand and that “suck with your mouth, then inhale” feeling. Honestly though, the tank unit wasn’t that difficult to switch over from because the nic level was so high. To get to 18mg of nic, I had to spend $20 on 6mg, 120ml bottle, buy another $20 50mg salt nic for the pod systems then dump them together. The "boost"as I called it had the chemical in it that makes nic absorption faster so it felt the same as a pod hit almost.

Had I just freebased, forget it. I would have given up. Those little SNUS pouches hit me faster. I don’t dislike any way someone can drop the smokes. I’m glad you didn’t go through scorching your hard palette. The pod unit I had sucked. Had I known that, I would have asked for a better product.

I’ve studied my mods. Rebuilt one too. I now know the difference between the high watt and low watt tanks. I understand what I need. The high watt tank hits like a pod unit. Ok, so it does. I make my own flavors now so it’s actually cheap and I get to use all the wonderful recipes here so that’s even better.

@authormichellehughes, please don’t apologize? What you got worked for you. That’s magnificent!!! We both like different things. All I know is we both tossed the smokes and aren’t going back!!! An yeah, I go through 35mg-45mg of juice a day maybe. It depends. It was to difficult for me to handle the 50mg liquid. We all have our success stories. If the 12w unit worked for you in a sub-ohm tank that’s awesome!!! Every vape shop that was (was) here balked at what I did.

I think the most important thing is we both got what we needed. If you feel better about yourself like I do, that’s all that counts. That’s my take on it. Keep going!!! stay away from the death-sticks!!! you rock!!!


Absolutely, Doug. If it works I’m 100% on board. Man I’m so glad I didn’t have the scorched mouth thing! I use LNW for their nicotine too, great price and quality for me so why change. I was doing good to use even the MTL tank honestly. At that time I could hardly breathe to take in a breath. Amazes me every single day now how much better my lungs are. I’m sure my kids wish I’d shut up because I’m back to belting out songs which was huge for me LOL I’d lost the ability to sing because I’d hack up a lung anytime I tried :slight_smile:


Deleted because I need to change it’s location in the forums… Sorry @woftam. doing my best.


@authormichellehughes, The product has to stop being sold as a “cloud” fad. It needs changed and marketed as a smoking cessation product (pods and mod/tank systems).

Sorry @woftam, I’m driving you nuts… and advocating for vaping like mad. I read so much about how many people stopped smoking here. How they feel better. Not about huge clouds… It’s becoming a heath aid aspect mental/physical and possibly the ability to lessen cancer…

But I see how much work needs done to make that change. Please don’t be mad at me? You’re trying to keep focus where would you put this? And when Doug has questions… I’m going through a MASSIVE learning curve at light speed.

if that thread is still there… I actually have a question lol.


The problem is, Doug. The shops hands are tied as well as the manufacture’s of e-liquid. They can’t say that this is a smoking cessation product.


@authormichellehughes, hmmm… ok, so the industry takes it on as a fad status. The science won’t hurt either way. As far as banning the products, if they are individual parts that can be used for other purposes… umm… I don’t think they can stop that. They “might” be used for vaping lol.

I’ve gotten stuff through lab products, “not INTENDED for human use” but still the same quality as LNW sells now. You’d be amazed how screwed up this can be made lol.

It’s America… Land of the creative… there’s got to be different avenues to go through.

You can’t ban the batteries for my flashlight (if they actually are for a flashlight too) if they might be used for mods…


The best they can do is make putting it all together illegal. That’s going to take a law. IDK if the ban is temporary or permanent but the CDC being compelled was a loophole the CDC had at their disposal in order to release the info. They don’t just do that because they have a guilty conscience.