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I think a lot of people are having mental health issues right because of this underlying fear that any day our government could pull this out of our hands. I know for a fact my stress level is through the roof on a daily basis as I fight the idiots (and yes the majority of them are idiots) in government. I’ll be honest on another subject, I stopped buying eliquid from vendors (with one minor exception) because I distrust our government at this point to the fear that they would tamper with vaping products to make American’s sick, sorry but this is a real concern for me, which is why I only DIY 99.9% of the time now. So yeah it’s screwing with my mental help, but as long as I DIY I know what’s in my vape and well if I’m crazy for thinking they’d stoop that low, then so be it.


I get your concern and as more and more of the vape companies are bought up by Big Tobacco it is a real concern what will happen with vaping in the long term.
Some of the first properly established and longest running vape related companies have been swallowed up by BT or subsidiaries of BT owned companies and who knows what direction they’ll take them in.
Vaping was quite simple before pods and juul type devices came along with their fixed prefilled disposable cartridges with who knows what they’re filled with.
In the UK there are more and more vapers moving away from flavourings favouring unflavoured 50/50 juice in 12-18mg mouth to lung devices which when you think about it is still far better than smoking.
We’ve not got as easy access to nicotine above 20mg than you guys due to European regulations and can’t even readily buy nicotine containing liquids in bottles larger than 10ml in size which is why commercial juice is often sold in bottles without nicotine so you add it after purchase.


Sorry @authormichellehughes back to my point i don’t think governments will tamper with liquids but if tobacco companies are left alone in juice manufacturing they’ll add their own crap I’m sure.
The tobacco in cigarettes is not that bad in comparison to all the other chemicals they add.


There’s no doubt in my mind big tobacco companies would add things into eliquid if they had ownership of a product. During the prohibition for alcohol they added poison into alcohol, “SAYING” it was not supposed to be used by consumers, but it was still there and people did die from it. Call me a conspiracy nut, buy yeah, no trust. If they want to destroy an industry, and I do believe they want to annihilate vaping, then I doubt there is any low they wouldn’t willingly sink too. Maybe I need a mental health day LOL


I’ve been seeing juice manufacturing in the uk being absorbed by companies owned by BT and all i can say is we should not be buying it from them.
This is of course my views only and not those of the forum.

We have independent juice manufacturing in the UK but the Tobacco Products Directive introduced juice compliance testing which saw many of the smaller scale operations go under as they just couldn’t afford the fees to bring a juice to maeket.
The positive with juice testing is safety of course as nothing can get into it that shouldn’t be there.


And that… is what the pmtas are going to do here, this May…
it will force a reset… and a lot of businesses will go under, or black market style.


Short fills or bottle shots have managed to get us through so maybe an option over there?


Who knows? I have heard from a few manufactures with juice lines is that they will walk away. It does get old after a while, trying to fight to keep businesses going, so I can not blame anyone. I know I have been selling shots for years now… and I do alright, but it wont make a millionaire over night. I gross enough but I am also invested in more than just flavors too.

I want to add too, if you understand how to run your business, and knowing the rules, now some more than 2 yrs old… you should already be prepared, unless you are a very small business. It will suck, as small business means just that… not making enough $ to go thru the cost of the pmtas… and if you are not in business to make money… the question remains… should they stay anyways?

The stress at the end of the day could be worth it… most days it is, but there are some that make at least myself wonder. but this is going off topic so… :slight_smile:


@anon84779643, @authormichellehughes, @Display-Name, I can see individuals tainting BT products (CBD, Vit E additives) still. That’s not going to change if BT get’s it in their hands. BT can face the lawsuits though then.

Fear of a lot of things can cause People new to vaping to quit, fear that BT’s gonna swallow it up, and yeah, there will probably be some purchasing of products from other countries and bootlegged in. It will be black market stuff then for sure. Mexico will probably smuggle it in just as other drugs…

Typical US government’s today scaring people like crazy over this. There are many fears about vaping. That leads to people saying how unsafe it is (until BT brings it out for sale. Their safe companies that can be trusted, right?)

People really are afraid of switching to vaping vs smoking. I’ve met many. This was before the scares that occurred.

Fear. Fear of switching, My recent fears with my BP (it’s gone way down btw) Fear of the unknown, It’s something that’s facing a niche community. Fear that community will shrink… causing less kinds of flavors, products… all of it.

For those that make the leap, they realize it’s not a leap but a tiny step. It’s that fear though… I don’t think that’s off topic. I think the fear about all of it shapes vaping.

BT owns the world regarding tobacco products. People are going to have to start lobbying the Fed and states by carbon copying news stations and others when they do their emails. I know everyone will say it won’t work but that’s fear again.

We’re going to have to step above the fear. We’re also going to have to take a few moments in our busy schedules to email our representatives. The more they know it’s going to newspapers, local media outlets, and the “propoganda” sites… the more they step back.

Youtube, twitter, and all the new technologies are now available also. TV shows have been saved by tweeting. Time to rally the troops to tweet I guess. Fear has to be overcome. If we can start trending, it will pick up I imagine. At least the word’s getting out. I type a lot but if there is 1 twitter hashtag that all vapers rally to, to tweet, it’s a good possibility that we can shed some light to people that don’t know?


We can try?? Better than isnta-fail because we didn’t? So, let’s start a hashtag group… get the word out. There have to be more people who vape than watch the show “Lucifer”. If we can show a solid market the manufacturing companies may not quit. Especially if we start saying we believe that BT (you’re allowed to have an opinion, not insult… We can even suggest that we thought BT would gobble up the nic making and sell it. Big profit in moving product like that)


We’ve been tweeting non-stop since December 19th #Wevapewevote #vapingsaveslives tons of us out there fighting the social media war. @MichelleHughes_ on twitter I RT and tweet most everything vape related. And believe me this is on topic because my mental health has paid for it LOL


I had no clue! I only tweet about something I know is important to me!!! I didn’t even see it as a pinned location in the forum headers. sorry!!! Adding myself to the list!


@authormichellehughes, I feel like I was denied or forgot to be given vital information about this… AKA, I didn’t get the memo!!! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


I don’t know if we have a post on this via the forum here it’s been all over FB though


@authormichellehughes, I don’t get on facebook. The polarization there upsets me. I avoid it now. sorry


Just get ready for the twitter fight then because man it’s brutal LOL


@authormichellehughes, I always felt there was room to debate things. It scares when I’m faced with nothing but a brick wall. There’s no communication anymore about anything.

If the CDC is COMPELLED to release a study in favor of vaping. That needs to be continually pushed to our representatives. I’ll email them!

If solid data came out showing a certain flavor was dangerous, we’d need a safe alternative or do more research to find a safe solution for it.

To date, I’ve seen no studies showing proper use of juices causing death. No long term studies about vaping damage other than a few. More need done. We need to diffuse the fear about it. It’s racking my nerves that it might disappear. I feel better with it. Losing weight from it.

The vaping community needs respectable, solid, non biased, labs showing it’s safer. Then we put it out there. Also, why did vape shops take down the signs saying “I quit smoking by switching to vaping”?

I found out yesterday that VG is expelled when someone exhales after hitting a vape. I don’t know if there is a case study about it? I’ve been vaping for over 6 months and never once was told by any of the 6 vape shops about this. Are there case studies about proving\disproving residual nic’s in an exhale too?

It scares me that I feel like I’m getting the wrong information. I have a lot of questions still. The community can’t look like a bunch of “fringe fanatics”.

The flavors are food grade not proven pulmonary safe. Studies need done. Long term lung damage vs smoking…needs done… By groups like the CDC.

After 6+ months, I should have all the right information to make an educated decision. People who are against it out of fear may be more at ease if they could be handed supporting documents from the CDC and other super reputable labs?

I panicked yesterday. My BP was through the roof. I don’t know how to measure the amounts of nicotine I should be using. It’s word of mouth. Some say 18mg, some say 6. Some say only low watt units, a few have told me the benefits of high watt units.

I wasn’t told to cut the nic level back on the high watt units??? I wasn’t given %'s of the high watt vaporization capacity over the low watt units (did some research. The huge coils of the high watt units can carry the amount of vaporization without damaging the juice. Depending on the coil though, they can vaporize up to 6x the low watt units in one hit. My BP was through the roof yesterday. I cut my nic level by more than 1/2 last night and it was back to normal (still using the high watt unit). I realized that based upon my Engineering and nursing background (and stupid me, I knew when I got the high watt unit, it would have more flex than low watt regarding vaporization amounts… Stupid… just stupid I didn’t do the math in my head).

Most of what I’ve seen is about “clouds”. Nothing really about nic uptake vs wattage. I know the correlation is that it increases roughly linearly to wattage increase. It’s a simple volume increase. I don’t have a mathematical chart for wattage and nic uptake levels vs cigarettes. That scares me.

I’m at about 7-8% nic. at 170w, I’d have to find the volume uptake per puff to compare to a 65w unit. It also depends on the # of coils in the unit. A tfv12-t14 running in it’s “best at” @200w atomizes more than the v12-t6 (best @150w). No volume info vs wattage in either package.

Vape shops could use this to calculate where a person could start the high end at and reduce to the low end nic uptake vs juice vol. for a nic mg/ml.

Sorry. It’s science but it can be simplified. All people need to know is with this tank, this coil, this nic level, this is the watts setting will need to be to compare to so many cigarettes you smoke at a time.

Nope… no studies on that… It needs done. That scares me that I wouldn’t be able to cross reference for a customer that.

Hope this makes sense because I’ve had to pause to do other things. May have lost track of where I was.


@authormichellehughes i wouldn’t put it past any government they want everyone to smoke cigarette as they make so much more money from people buying them and when they get cancer or any other lung disease from smoking they still make money they hit the jackpot. They don’t mank money from healthy people they only care about there selfs they make money from sick people. In my book that’s sick and wrong by all levels how could a human beings be that messed up treating another human being like that. I’m going to stop there as I’d go on all night long.


@Englishguy, I understand about going on all night long about it. I seriously want to have research on vaping done. It’s important to our health. I think if we knew it was really as safe as the vape shops tell us, it would take some of the concerns many have about it away.
I won’t lie. I wonder what it’s doing to me? I don’t like to think about it because I get emotionally upset. I feel better but that doesn’t mean it is better. I want to feel better, have my Dr’s tell me it’s at least better than smoking so I can relax about it. I know they made a new topic about this but if you have concerns mentally some people quit.

Mental health and physical health are one in the same. Your mental health puts a huge toll on you if your stressed, and actually makes you feel better and do better things for your body.

I had no idea how to lose weight. Vaping convinced me I was doing something so positive for my heath. It’s not quitting instantly but it works better than all the other products Pharma offers. As I said, I can go on and on all night but I know that our mental happiness improves our physical health too.

I was so so happy to stop smoking. I can’t explain how it felt to actually not want one anymore. Mentally? I was thrilled to tell my drs I wasn’t smoking anymore. I was thrilled to show them that my diet changed because I mentally wanted different foods. I wasn’t forced to eat salads and fruits. I craved them! I didn’t think about it until I saw my pants wouldn’t fit me anymore.

I’ll stop. I know that you cant be mentally messed up for so long though without it taking its toll on your physical health too.


off topic but I’ll be right back. I’m doing laundry lol.