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Aegis help please!


I just picked up an original aegis from somebody on one of those buy/sell websites for $10, problem is it’s missing a piece. I have looked around online and can’t seem to find it anywhere, even on geekvapes main site. Here are some pics of what’s missing.

I’m really hoping one of you FastTech wizards can point me towards the little plug I need, and if not and someone has an aegis that has bitten the dust I would greatly appreciate the spare part!


I don’t have one for the original model - however I would caution using it without something in the hole - a customer of mine just fried a legend when he had a juice leak without the boot. I would put some plastic wrap in there and make a boot out of some silicon.


That’s a really good idea, will any kind of silicone work? Like bathtub silicone caulk?


Ya anything like that will do it as long as it stops the juice getting into the usb port


if u google this …you will find covers…i would cover the usb an then use a silicone…at least to port is protected with the cover before u silicone fill it…incase u need to remover silicone for say an update Silicone USB Male Port Anti Dust Cover Cap Protector


I appreciate the tip. Are you from Texas? Or Florida or Alabama? That’s one hell of a largemouth your holding in your pic lol, my name is Allan as well and I catch big fish too lol


No…i am from massachusetts… i fish in a lot of puddles an farm ponds here…lol… actually my biggest bass in this state was 8 pounds 11 oz…


That’s crazy big for Massachusetts lol


I like a product call “Sugru” – A smart young lady in England created it a few years back (with the help of some chemistry students in college) and I use it to make/fix all kinds of stuff – originally bought it for a specific task, but use it for many other weird things. I don’t know if it will make your port “water-tight”, but it may help.

Maybe it would work for you. I think you can even find it at Walmart.

Or just a blob of real silicone from home depot to permanently seal it, and pick it out if/when you need access to the port ?


I’ve had alot of positive experiences using Silicone High Temp Gasket Maker, that might be worth a go.


Or, if nothing works out I’ll just send you mine.


I appreciate the offer, but my sister in law just ordered a new mod and her old one is an aegis so she is giving me her plug and plate. I’ll use the silicone trick till then, I’m giving it to a buddy so hopefully he will quit smoking.


Oo, where do you get that, Home Depot? I suppose amazon carries it. Sounds like a must have in a vaper’s toolbox. What else ya got up yer sleeve?


I have always had some, mainly from automotive parts places like Advanced. I actually started using it when the seal under the 510 plate eroded after juice leakage (husband’s fault) on the Drag. I had to use a tiny fine brush to wrap around the edges, but it worked great. I can’t seem to find the black one I use though, it’s a little older, but still Permatex. Great when you’re in a bind.



Thx for the link. Sounds/looks familiar. I know I’ll need it somewhere down the line.