After FDA Deeming - Great Write Up on Flavorah Blog

Check it out. Wow, Brendan or his people did a good job with this article.

I didn’t see anything expressing not to share without authorization, and I’m assuming since it’s public he wants this shared.


thanks for posting it

That was a Good video :+1:

In a pinch I have used a piece of a clean t shirt for wicking, tasted like shit, but the question remains; under fda regulations are t shirts now tobacco?

Under the regulations I do believe if you’re vaping a t-shirt and not buying cigarettes then yes, it’s tobacco. But if you wear the shirt, can show the Polizei where you’ve been cutting wicks, and you have a pack of Marlboro rolled up in your sleeve, chances are they’ll look the other way. :grimacing:

Like everyone else I find myself contemplating the ramification of a post-legal-vaping era. Once the vape shops are shut down across the US, and no vendors will ship to us anymore, how long do you think it will be before news stories start cropping up about people getting mugged or killed for the vape in their hands? I mean hells bells, they’ll kill you for your sneakers, what will they do to get your vape?


If they want my Vape they’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hand.


Effective resistance requires both hands. My guess is you may have to drop the vape then pick it up after. Hehe :slight_smile:


Well stated arguments in the video. I can’t help but wonder; and I find this point extremely amusing; is that by admission from Nancy Pelosi, nobody bothered to actually read the Affordable Care Act prior to it’s passing. I suspect the FDA deeming regulations was treated the same. It is so loaded with bad language, I can’t help but wonder if there is any intelligence at all remaining in OUR government.


I highly doubt there is. :spy: I also would like to know what this 499 page document actually cost us.


Great point. And neither am I surprised that the “deeming” occurred under Barack Hussein Obama either. He has presided over the most rogue and malicious administration in history if you ask me. Of course no one asks, but that’s the lovely thing about an opinion. You can share it without having to be asked first. :wink:


I liked the write-up on the Flavorah blog, it was excellent. I also liked the video here - it plugs Mt. Baker Flavor quit a bit, but this is the sort of thing that the government overlooks when they’re regulating vaping.

I was reading the FDA website yesterday, and found it rather hilarious that the warning they want on products that do not contain nicotine is “This product is made from tobacco.” I would love to see the software they have in mods doing this - MadeFromTobacco=yes would, admittedly, be a funny line of code. If this legislation is supposed to protect children, have they considered the response that teenagers will have when they see a battery or a stainless steel RDA that says “This product is made from tobacco”? It is categorically false, and if they see that they are being lied to about one thing regarding vaping, they will probably assume that any negative thing they hear about vaping is a lie (or exaggeration) as well.

The FDA regulations won’t be directly affecting me - I’m Canadian, but there will be effects here as well. If flavouring companies get their products deemed as tobacco products and choose to discontinue making them, DIY supplies here will dry up. Same with nicotine. I really hope that these Deeming (or as I like to call it, Demonizing) regulations get overturned.

i have a guess that diy e liquid will be around the same model as reloaded ammunition. we will still be able to buy the components but not be able to sell without some special ATF license. i can currently create all the ammunition for my rifles but cannot sell the product unless i have a manufacturers FFL. this meaning i think we will all be ok

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