After One week mixing

Hi all :smiley: … After a few mixes with new kit, I must say with the help from the awesome community on this forum I actually created a jem I am enjoying a little too much. Can’t seem to keep my paws off this poor little 30ml bottle and the Alien Smok.

70vg 30pg
Hazel Nut Cream (WF) 3%
Smooth Cappuccino Cream (WF) 3%
Marshmallow (FA) 1.5%
Vienna Cream (FA) 1%

Ok, while mixing the hazel nut, it was suppose to be only .8% according to recipe I dreamed up with the mere 7 flavours I started out with. I was trying to make coffee cream for wife from my stash. Whilst dreaming along staring at my new scale proud as a peacock mixing in the hazel nut I went over the mg amount to 3%. Stunned I pondered a moment contemplating what to do since my nic was already in the bottle. Cussed a bit, thought of splitting the mix, dumping it etc. etc. Then said to my self “dumb arse” and kept mixing. Well it seemed to be ok after I shaked and vaped it, wasn’t looking to make Hazelnut but bamb it’s great. So a lesson learned yet again. Thought I’d share with everyone and especially newbies like myself … I don’t think you can really go too wrong if you stay within the guidelines of keeping flavours to lower amounts around a max of 10% or so total when starting out. Experimenting is quite fun with this hobbie I would say. I actually like this more than the coffee cream store bought 25 dollar 30ml bottle I am trying to simulate. So I would like to conclude by welcoming all the new mixers to the forum and tell you to read all you can and help is right here. Thank you to all the great people on this forum.



Well done. Nothing like enjoying a mix you made youirself.


Ah, you’re in so much trouble now, buddy, my best tip would be to sit on your wallet 'cause you’re in for a crazy ride! :smile: Glad to hear the recipe worked out for you even with a little Hazelnut-twist, lol.

Can I ask a little favour though? Name the brand of flavors in case someone would like to try it out. Like (FA) Vienna Cream. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your next ones!

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Ok Sorry about that just did edit for flavour brands.

Great! Thank you! :grinning: I haven’t got the flavors myself or else I would’ve tried it, looks tasty.

Congrats on your first adv :smile:


Not surprised at all. When I started out I was trying to clone the juices I was buying, but quickly found out it wasn’t worth the effort. Now if I try something I like I use it as a flavor template so to speak and mix something similar. Generally I come up with something I like as well or better in many cases. :wink:


Yay! Go you!


Now that’s funny right there…I don’t care who you are.

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I will definitely mod this one as well. I think to get more of coffee cream which I am trying to get I will bump smooth cap to 4 or 5, marsh to .5, hazelnut to 1 Vienna cream 1.
Looking to buy some flavours at nic river today FW espresso might be a little stronger in the coffee department but not over powering.

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Instead of bumping up what you have, try using additional similar flavors so you can keep each % lower.
With other flavors you will get more undertones, and higher %'s won’t mute the flavors you are using. Make sense?

For example, use an additional coffee, and un-flavored cream,and even Torrone would be good in this mix you made.


Yep you’re in. Didn’t even see it did you? the wabbit hole? Ah well in a month times you’ll ask yourself why oh why didn’t i take the blue pill, next day you’ll make a big flavor order. And in 2 months time you realize there is no exit. And in 3 months time you’ll have become as insane as the rest on here and can totaly understand the need for an egg plant flavor in your collection.


Ya, I’m hooked lol, pretty bad I’m guessing … Just on Nic River site as we speak, trying to figure out if I should buy flavour art Joy. Getting there espresso as well, fresh cream, ry4 and Cuban supreme tobacco…nothing like a tobacco vape in one mod, and coffee in the other eh? hmm, some caramel to add too. All Flavour Art. Good god, Ill be on there for hours and then forget something…doh! Not looking to get into fruit flavours yet but considering blue berry, and bilderberry combo. Maybe some graham cracker crust and vanilla.

Oh boy its gonna be a long night. Have to find time to mix another above mentioned mix as well because TFV4 sucking back on after burners with no time to steep it lol.

I don’t really understand how people could even go back to smoking analogs after discovering vaping…luvin’ it, and luvin’ this forum…thanks all


No, no…The bottom line is – DIY-ing is much cheaper than buying ejuice. If you compare the costs of making your own ejuice over paying a lot for store-bought ejuice, you are going to spend very little. Your ejuice will be excellent and what ‘you’ want too.
If you hold back before you gather an inventory, then you can get a list of the flavors that are most versatile or ‘best of kind’ rather than buying several brands of the same flavor to compare them yourself. For example, I have about 6 different brands of apple when if I were re-ordering, i’d only get 2. I’ve got 5 brands of custard, but I could eliminate 2 of those. I’d eliminate RF and Cap V2. I’d re-order Capella V1, FA, and TPA.
Ya, ya… taste is subjective, and you might like something better than I do.

I decided to start getting Zamplebox just to check if my home made ejuice was as good as the store bought stuff, and oh yes — most definitely the stuff I mix up is much, much better. Once in a while, when I get something I really like, still I usually alter it or use it as a additive to a mix.
This is from someone who has 350+ flavor concentrates including Medicine Flower that is $22 for 15 ml versus Flavor West at less than $3 for the same amount.
Now if you compare it to the price of smoking, there’s no comparison. Oh what enjoyment it brings! We can’t compare the price of saving out lives.

FYI Zamplebox in my case is 11 different 15ml bottles of different vendors ejuice for about $50 sent to me monthly.
In 6 months, I’ve only received about 2 brands that were better than my ejuices’. They also offer a 6-bottle subscription or something like that. Well all I recall for sure is that it is smaller.

Well, as usual i’m rambling on. My advice… Read a lot and take notes. We are so fortunate to have good advice and very patient friends here.

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Amen Joy. I now have 24 flavours and can’t wait to mix them up. My ejuice after one week steep is better than store bought by far and I know nothing yet lol.

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The best way to create a recipe…is to THINK the recipe first…
To think it, you need testers, individually, for each flavor you have.
The sooner you make testers, the longer they can age.
When you think a new recipe, you have the testers to fall back on the flavor
to test on your finger, on an RDA, or whatever.
I keep a base made in the fridge all the time. As I get new flavorings, I let
the base room-temp acclimate, stir it [on mag-mixer], and make a tester.
I make only 20ml testers or larger, so I have daily,weekly,monthly, and beyond,
volume to test.
I vape with nicotine, so I add nicotine in my base. That gives me the flavor
I know so I can compare it to what I like. I only make the base for testers,
not for use in my recipes…they are always from scratch.
This is my test base recipe (below). I generally just add 4% or 5% of flavoring
with exception to menthols, etc. [whatever the average starting % is for the flavor]

This would be a ‘tester’ using the base I made…

I would use 19ml of base [if I mixed by volume] or 22.84g [if I mixed by weight]…then add the flavor…
according to the recipe. [See total base in recipe]
Make sense?


Thanks ozo, that’s sounds great…so I make my pg, vg, nic base and have ready and then add say dragon fruit when it arrives in mail at 5 % mix it and vape it to see what its tastes like right?

Yes, basically…
But first you need to go to the specific flavor to see what % is the starting point…adjust
it to your palate, so to speak.
Meaning not every new flavoring needs to be made at 5%…get it?


4% or 5% is really a good starting point for most flavors, in general…not menthols, and damn sure not [sweeteners]
Some heavy concentrates are better at 3% for testers…but you may not be able to trust the mfg on starting %'s, but
you will surely know if you need/needed more or less…after you make the tester…which is the whole point, right?

I got it bud, thanks man…I’ll just look up the flavour single percentage recommendation online but maybe also do 1 drop in 5ml of water trick to see how strong flavour is. It seemed to work with my first flavours to gauge how strong they were… For example hazelnut cream is really strong in smell and taste.

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