After one year you might expect

Hi all, it’s almost one year or is one year since joining this wonderful forum and I thought I’d show off my equipment I am using after 13 months with no ciggies.

I wish you all the best in your vaping journey just stay off the stinkies because this is way more fun and healthier. I feel great after 13 months and you will too. You can do it. Yes you can. Believe it. Stay positive and keep on track.

Just built two new atty’s. The Troll rebuildable tank on right, Grim Green’s Recoil Rebel dripper, my Goon on the V8, and my old Coil Art rebuildable tank waiting for my new Smok G-Priv 2 mod from China… in rack are Smok TFV4 tank and two Aspire Cleito’s with Factory coils. Also have the Big Baby Beast for change out on V8.


I remember way back when…


Although it quickly grew…


Nowadays it’s strictly DNA Mods topped with a Boreas.

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Holy S balls bud that’s crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It is addicting totally. For me it is @Whiterose0818 mods.


Got tired of buying cheap mods that would fail on me in a month or two. Have had some of those for a year and no failures.


My Alien is rock solid, Smok for me has been bomb proof so far. I’m waiting patiently for a Smok G-Priv 2 Luxe edition to ship which they say will be on Jan 28. 64 bucks


I will have to second that. I try to skip the cheap stuff and over seas clones always and research quality. I hate collecting junk and clutter and certainly have no desire to display them. Im a pack rat on things I love but try to keep it to a minimum. Hoping to get through all these flavors I got and weed them down as well .


Congrats DD on you 1 year anniversary on ELR and 13 months being smoke free!



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Who you directing that at? Why even post that?


Think he got lost on forums last night. People were trying to walk him through things and this got posted in middle of all i t, I noticed last night

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Maybe he’s sick with envy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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ROFL, yeah maybe?

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