AIO and high nic juice?

I understand totally. My wife is the same way. If and when she’s ready, she knows who to come to. I think it’s human nature, the harder we push, the harder they dig in and push back. There seems to be more and more PODS & all in ones coming out every day. I think that’s a good thing. Make it easy for them to see the potential is there that vaping is a viable alternative. That might get them in the door. Then they can explore other gear, and migrate to their comfort zone. I don’t think many of us hit the bullseye on the first try…lol.

Hopefully they’ll both come around soon!

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First let me say currently I’m at 6nic. But I remember the days of high nic…

At first I thought vappng might not be for me…

I smoked on average 6 packs of cigar cigs a day.

Tried vuse it didn’t work… actually cost more than cigs…
Tried enjoy vape - still cost about the same as cigs

Gave vape on more try bought some juice from local vape shop. And a pro tank for then pen unit… upped the nic to 24… it helped but still wanted cigs…

Bought a better mod . Kanger tech sub tank mini it helped curb the desire for a cig

Not until I bought my Reuleaux RX200 and a dripper did my desire for cigs go away.

Enjoyed dripping 24 nic was always getting free juice. But after a few months the nic started to make me sic so slowly been cutting it down

I’d ask your sister these questions

  1. be honest with yourself do you want to stop smoking cigarettes? Because if she honestly doesn’t want to stop. Vamping will never be her thing.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink

Now if she honestly wants to quit ask her what it is she don’t like about vaping.

If she still craving a cig after vaping nic is to low.

Is it making her sic then nic is to high

Flavor well you know how to fix that

Throat hit not right , well you know how to fix that also.

Honestly I did not want to quit smoking with vaping I just wanted to reduce it. After 5 month I was tired of it (smoking). Now I have 1 month with out smoke and really I don’t want to go back.

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Grats on kicking the cigs .

Got a brother who smokes offered to help him and his wife out if he wanted to kick the cig habit.

His response is if I want cheesecake I’ll eat it not smoke it (I was vaping strawberry cheesecake at the time)

And if I want tobacco I’ll smoke this Marlboro

No hope for him. Maybe one day he see the error in his ways

Google translate:
Many of us have reacted like that to the beginning.
But you threw the spark, and it will be fire. :wink: