AIO and high nic juice?

So, I’m wanting to give my sister an AIO. She’s got my old Ego Spinner and protank mini and she’s not having much luck with it. She said she thinks vaping just isn’t for her, so I figured one more shot with a better device and then maybe I should just leave her alone.

She’s currently using 18mg in the protank with somewhere around 1.8-1.5 ohm coils. My question for all of you lovely people who may know better than I…Do you think 18mg juice in an AIO will be way too much? I know when switching to a subohm device, most people decrease their nic level. For those that did, did it happen immediately? Or did you go for a little bit with a higher and then decide to drop?

I just mixed a couple bottles of 18mg before I realized that it might be an issue. I could half it out into a different bottle and dilute it down.

What does aoi stand for?

11mg nic max IMO

If she is happier with less, maybe 8mg nic

Preferably she will vape 3-6mg nic :slight_smile:


The Joyetech eGo AIO

AIO = All In One

When using a ego bat with a protank I vape 18mg or even 24 mg (yeah I know right) with my topbox .5 ohm I use 3mg pretty much all the time though I have tried 6mg and it wasn’t too too bad tried 8mg it gave me a headache… the AIO is .6 ohm I would dilute it down for sure as I betting if she vapes 18mg she will feel ill.


I used to smoke over a pack a day and I found in my experience that 18 is too high, 12 was alright but 6mg was closer to the level I liked. Any more than that and I found it too throaty to be enjoyable, you also have to take into account vaping is a different sensation altogether too. I say mix her up some lower nic juice and get her to try both, they may not be both throaty and ‘hot’ for her throat making it easier to puff away on it.

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Thanks folks. I had a feeling that was gonna be the case. Of course, I didn’t get that feeling until after I made the juice. Vape life problems…lol. Now, should I try to do the math to dilute or just remix the stuff…

I would give her a bottle with 18mg and a 12mg

I would also recommend that she goes to a bnm to try out some devices. Maybe not buy but to try. She may not like the increase in vaper.

When I tried my first sub ohm I fell in love. But I was able to quit with a vision spinner. By that time I had found two adv’s and I think that’s really the need. There has to be a vape/flavor that you just can’t get enough of. That’s what really kept me off the cigs.

When I stepped up to my ipvd2 and crown tank it solidified my ability to stay off the cigs.

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I started with 18mg in a minitank running 1.8Ω. When I got my Orchid clone I started vaping at .4Ω with the same 18mg liquid, and nearly passed out after a short commute home, lol. Took me a minute to realize I was probably overdoing it with the Nicotine. I switched to 6mg, and was good to go.

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When i quit smoking it was with a evod2 then an AIO once i got it from the heaven gifts contest.
I was using 12mg at that point already beginning to stepdown from the 18-24 i was at, but when i got the AIO i dropped to 6mg. It hits hard, nearly as well and sometimes better than my subtank mini. It uses a parallel SS vertical coil much more vapor production than a >1ohm device. It is a Cubis that has less ml capacity and built in basically. Uses same coils.

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What I wound up doing is putting the two 10mls into 30ml bottles, adapting the recipes for 20ml 0 nic and adding that. I did the extra at max VG.

Which brings me to another question for you AIO users. How is the wicking? What is the highest VG you think you could get away with?

18mg is too much for a subohm device and the Aio is indeed a subohm device. One thing to consider is how much she currently smokes, and does she MTL or Direct Lung hit when she vapes. I’m betting she MTL hits. Truth be told it’s sometimes very tricky choosing a nic value for the ladies. Some of the ladies smoke 2 packs a day and need the higher nic values BUT, they can’t take the extra throat kick from the high nic. See where this is going? In my shop I usually recommend 3 and 6mg nic for subohm units, however, I also make it clear that we can boost the nic up if needed.My logic says it’s much easier to go up in nic value than it is to go down should you get yourself more addicted to nicotine than you already were on the stinkies. If someone only MTL hits their vape then a heavy smoker may be able to handle 12mg nic in a subohm unit. If they do direct lung hits, no way Jose. SO, I’m saying I consider light or heavy smoking at 3 or 6 mg to start. Boost nic as needed and the amount the ladies can tolerate throat hit wise…

One other thing, the Aio is only a 1500mah unit with a subohm coil. If she is a heavy heavy smoker then she will most likely need 2 units to get through the day. Many people fail quiting because they can not get through the day with their battery charge. With 2 units, she’s covered…


Good points. I have no idea where she is at with smoking. When I saw her last month she wasn’t smoking and was using the Protank with 18mg juice in the car. If she gave up vaping, she may have gone back to smoking and if that is the case I’m guessing she’d go back in force. She was a 1-1.5 PAD smoker.

My thought is, I’ll take it with me this weekend along with the juice and just see if she wants to try it. If she’s really not into it, I’ll keep it and use it myself for school. Win win either way.

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I wouldnt go higher than maybe 30/70 the juice holes are just small slits in the bottom edge of the coil. And being vertical coil it has a bit more to travel also.

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My sister was a heavy smoker and started to vape on an iClear16 9mg/ml and was complaining she was getting lightheaded from it. She told me that was the reason she stopped vaping before. I told her to drop the nicotine to 6mg/ml and she was fine. Apparently different people react in different ways to the amount of nicotine in a vape. The best way IMO would be to let her try it out and if she gets lightheaded drop it down.
I tried the AIO out to see if it worked and used 50/50 PG/VG and had no wicking problems.

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I just bought a Joytech AIO Pro box for my mom. It has the same SS 0.6 ohm MTL coil head. I’m having trouble getting flavor from it. I try vaping my favorite strawberry and cream recipe and don’t taste much flavor at all. I was wondering if I need to increase the flavor percentage?

I wound up not having the AIO I had for very long. You could try increasing the flavor percentage or increasing the PG a little (if it’s not already super high). The AIO devices are good, but IME flavor just isn’t as fantastic as what you’d get with an RTA or similar. It’s been awhile though, so don’t quote me on that. :wink:


Were you successful helping your sister make the switch to vaping?

Unfortunately, no. She tried the AIO and didn’t like it so I wound up giving it to a friend. I thought I’d use it but I didn’t. I’m still hopeful, but I’m not pushing anymore. She knows where to find me when she’s really ready to quit. She’s the last hold out in our family (other than my step dad) so every get together she’s the one stuck out side smoking while the rest of us hang out and vape inside. :wink: Hoping that’s enough to get her to consider making the switch again. LoL

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