Air in the Tops of Bottles

So I use 30ml bottles pretty much across the board.

If I have a recipe I am unsure of, I will usually make a smaller amount such as 10 or 20ml (still in the 30ml bottles).

So I guess I’m wondering if the space (air) in the top of the bottles affect the steep or the flavor in any way when I make these smaller batches in the 30ml bottles.

What does everyone think?

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I figured as much, been messing with more potent extracts these days (MF) and I am not interested in wasting time and flavoring due to something small I overlooked.

Do you use any MF?

I sometimes make a smaller batch in a bigger bottle just so I have some shake room, my 50ml bottles end up almost completely full and makes it difficult to shake up

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I’m with grubster, I like to leave some head room to help with any shaking. Don’t know what MF is whether you use a concentrate or not in the end the concentration in your juice is the same. So at that stage treat the same and make good notes as you go.

What we think is the solution and what is the solution is not always and is often not the same thing, so by paying attention and not sweating on the small things you ll get the most out of your flavours. Sounds like you’ve got the good stuff huh.

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MF=Medicine Flower, a flavor company that have what people say super concentrates.